Nora Hughes

Nora Hughes is HqO’s Lead Product Researcher, providing strategic, evidence-based recommendations to product leadership on how we achieve our mission of making companies and people successful. She is passionate about deeply understanding HqO’s customers, users and market, and championing those insights across the organization. In 2020 and late 2019, she worked as Product Manager on HqO’s Digital Grid offering.

Prior to HqO, Nora served as a Product Manager working to integrate customer and third-party marketing engagement data sources to enable targeted solicitations for fundraising professionals in higher education. Hora has also held Technology Consultant roles, focused on analytics and reporting tools for public sector customers, through Deloitte and boutique nonprofit consulting firms.

Nora has a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University and an MA in Elementary Education from University of Missouri, St. Louis. When she is not working, she enjoys taking her dog, Potato, on adventures.


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