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Welcome to your HqOS FAQs.

Signing up for order ahead at your building is fast and free – no long term contracts!

Please view the presentation below for more information.


Ready to get started?

Register your business information

  1. Please complete this form

Set-up your payment

  1. Navigate to this website
  2. Enter your work email or if you only have a personal email address please contact [email protected] and you will be provided with a temporary email to login to the portal
  3. Once logged in, follow the prompts to verify your identity and connect your store on the HqO admin panel.
  4. Click “Connect with Stripe” and complete the Stripe identity verification flow that involves inputing your personal and banking information.
  5. View confirmation message

Set-up your menu

  • If you use a Toast POS
    • Complete the following steps to connect
  • If you use a Revel POS
    • Complete the following steps to connect
  • If you use a different POS system
    1. Use this template to create a list of 15 menu items you would like to feature with descriptions, any add-ons + sizes, pricing, and photos.
        • The menu system will display your information in the following hierarchy:
          • Level 1: Category
          • Level 2: Menu Item
          • Level 3: Modifier Group
          • Level 4: Modifier Items
    2. Images can be provided separately – here are image guidelines
    3. Once complete, please email to [email protected]
    4. Once received, the app team will set up your iPad, clarify any options if needed and ship it to your location with a user guide

Any questions we can help answer?

Overall app FAQs


  • Overview of app functionality
  • Why participate in mobile order ahead?
    • Drive activity during low periods of traffic — We can offer time-sensitive or limited supply promotions to tenants through the program. HqO can help subsidize promotions. We are also able to send targeted push notifications to tenants.
    • Build loyalty with office tenants — Tenants will be able to order and pay through the app so they can skip the line when picking up. We are also able to deposit in-app wallet money into tenants’ apps so they are incentivized to order ahead.
    • Increase multi-sales — Online orders are generally ~20% larger than in-person ones.
  • What is Speedetab?
    • Speedetab is the third party who provides the “order ahead” functionality for your building’s app

 Payment FAQs


We use Stripe as our payment processing system. This is completely secure and all identity verification information is handled through their system.

  • I am unable to connect to my store when I am setting up Stripe
  • Why is my SSN required?
  • Why am I receiving this error?
    • “Email already exists or invalid email domain” – please contact support at [email protected]
  • How do I edit my bank information?
    • Login to the admin panel (password you created when setting up your Stripe)
    • Click “View Stripe Dashboard”
    • Edit bank information
  • What does my transaction fee include?
    • There is a % charge, all inclusive, associated with the program. That fee includes all credit card processing fees and software/hardware fees.
  • How does a refund work?
    • Customers will be automatically refunded for cancelled orders
  • How often is the payout?
    • You will be able to set your payout frequency to daily, weekly or monthly upon set-up

Menu set-up FAQs

  • iPad POS
    • General Questions
      • I have not received my iPad
      • How do I use my iPad?
      • How do I set up a printer?
      • Is it possible to route orders to different “prep” stations?
        • Your options will be the following, have an iPad at each station however, all orders will come through. Alternatively, set up each “station” as a separate location so specific orders will be routed to the correct station.
      • How should I consolidate orders at the end of day?
        • We recommend talking to your POS provider to figure out the best way to manage this program based on your goals. If it’s crucial to track all orders that come in for your records, it might be best to process the orders that come in through the iPad as a $0.00 charge through your POS. If you’d prefer to keep the mobile ordering iPad separate from your POS, you may choose to simply print orders directly from the iPad instead of going through your POS.
    • Editing Menu Items
      • How do I edit my menu?
        • Through the SpeedETab merchant portal, you will be able to add and remove menu items and see order analytics. HqO manages changing the hours of operation in our back end, so let us know if you’d like to make a change. We can also help add/remove menu items as needed.
        • Instructions
      • How do I mark an item out of stock?
      • Are menu updates made in real-time?
        • Yes
      • Is it possible to have items available at certain times?
        • Yes
    • Reporting


  • Toast POS


If you have additional questions please contact the app team at [email protected]