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Welcome to your marketplace partner dashboard

Please follow the steps below to set-up your business in the HqO Marketplace. 

View the presentation below for more information.

Overview of the HqO Marketplace


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Why should you participate in the marketplace ?

Register your business information

  1. Please complete this form
  2. Please provide 4 landscape photos of your product/service offerings to [email protected]

Sign your partner agreement

  1. All marketplace partners will need to sign an agreement which will cover information about marketing and fee structure. If you have not yet received this from Docusign, please email [email protected] to request

Are you Integrating with HqO

  1. Determine what functional vertical your services represent
    • Order Ahead
    • Resource Booking
    • Shuttle tracking 
    • Service Booking 
    • Service Requests
    • Access Control
    • Visitor Management
    • Other
  2. Request access to the HqO API Integration Standard at [email protected]
  3. Set up a shared communications channel with HqO team
  4. Confirm delivery date for integration
  5. Enable testing environments with the HqO team

Any questions we can help answer?

Overall HqO FAQs

  • What is HqOS?
    • HqOS is a centralized platform for property teams to manage all customer-facing technology tools within their buildings.By activating real connections between people and their properties, HqOS enables data-driven decision making, delivers exceptional tenant experiences, and accelerates the implementation of innovative asset strategies.
  • How does HqO create synergies between existing partners and landlord customers?
    • Clients engage with HqO partners in one of two ways.  The first is through client request.  Often times, a client will request that HqO integrate a new or existing technology into the HqO platform.  In either case, HqO facilitates the necessary documentation in order for the partner to integrate to the HqO platform.  This allows the partner’s services to be available to tenants through a central interface.
    • The alternative way that partners are introduced to landlords is through the HqO Marketplace.  The HqO Marketplace is available to all HqO clients.  The marketplace aggregates a curated catalogue of developers and vendors for landlords to navigate, identify, and procure partners.  Through the marketplace, HqO facilitates introductions between clients and our technology partners.
  • Does HqO grey label or white labeling apps?
    • HqO works with landlords to create spaces that their tenants love.  We do so by creating apps that simplifies a tenant’s day to day and the ways they interact with the physical space around them.  Most of the landlords we work with choose to create white labeled apps branded for their assets or portfolio.  There is, however, the option to use HqO’s grey label app as well. 
  • Is HqO web enabled or app only?
    • HqO is currently app based but is working to become web enabled in the near term with parity of functionality

Marketplace FAQs

  • Why participate in the HqO Marketplace 
    • Engage with the world’s leading landlords. HqO is live in over 100 million square feet of office buildings, with customers like Jamestown, Divco West, and Vornado.
    • Access HqO’s distribution channels and business development tools to grow your business. Leverage our relationships across CRE to promote your services and fast track engagement.
    • Streamline business processes and payment through our tech enabled platform.  Allow HqO to handle contracting, document management, and payment.
  • Who is on the HqO marketplace?
    • HqO identifies best in class point solutions across functional verticals that support services requested by customers. Partners represented on the marketplace fit this description and have signed a partnership agreement with HqO.
  • How does HqO vet partners?
    • HqO vets partners based on several factors including but not limited to
      • Ability to support markets of HqO customers
      • Experience supporting use cases in commercial offices
      • Ability to scale services across large portfolios
      • Willingness to integrate with HqO

Developer Integration FAQs

  • How does HqO handle integrations? 
    •  HqO has built API Integration standards that ensure that best in class technology solutions can plug into existing infrastructure, streamlining in app the user experience. Each of our partners builds an integration in line with the process detailed in the HqO Integration Standard Document associated with their service.
  • Who is responsible for development work when integrating to the HqO app?
    • It is expected that HqO partners will develop to the HqO standard, in order to streamline and optimize user experience.  The HqO platform is organized by functional verticals, each of which represents varying functionality to the tenant users of the app.  Verticals include; mobile access credentialing, access control systems, visitor registration, service requests, resource booking, service booking, order ahead, shuttle tracking, ticketing and emergency communications. 
  • What are expectations for integration timelines?
    • Integration timelines are important to the success of HqO and our partnership ecosystem.  Timelines vary based on complexity and functionality for the given integration. We work with our partners and clients to deliver transparent and realistic timelines with the customers needs in mind.

If you have additional questions please contact the app team at [email protected]