5 PropTech Companies to Look Out For

5 PropTech Companies For the Office to Look Out For | HqO
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In a world adjusting to rapidly evolving work models, the adoption of proptech companies and technology partnerships has become a necessity. Proptech, meaning the combination of properties and technologies, has seen steady growth within the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. The increased role of technology at work post-COVID-19 will allow companies to add purpose to how time is spent at work, and reinforce meaningful experiences. A critical component in creating dynamic and safe workplace experiences in 2021 is bridging the gap between the physical office and the digital experiences in the workplace to create omnichannel office experiences. 

Over the past few years, countless commercial proptech companies and proptech startups have sprouted up during the rapid evolution of office innovation. As part of the HqOS operating system, our growing Marketplace helps landlords sort through all this with a collection of best-in-class property tech companies and partners aggregating numerous office solutions for any building in our end-to-end tenant engagement platform. 

Let’s take a look at just a small number of proptech companies that are a part of the HqOS Marketplace, along with some proptech examples that will be key this year and beyond. 

Look out for these noteworthy proptech companies

What are the commercial real estate tech companies that innovative real estate companies are partnering with today? Keep reading to learn more about some of HqO’s trusted partners, in no particular order:  


Lulafit aligns your property technology, operations, wellness, and hospitality into one complete ecosystem for amenity activation. Lulafit’s services range from tenant experience management, to technology and usage metrics, to conferencing and co-working management. Their tools even solve pain points around event programming, facility staging, and concierge services. Lulafit’s services will elevate any property’s positioning, attract potential tenants, and deliver the convenient and exceptional experiences every tenant community deserves. 


Airthinx is an award-winning air quality data monitoring & management solution designed to improve tenant health and create safe & energy-efficient indoor spaces, everywhere in the world. Putting its artificial intelligence engine to work via solutions such as Airthinx AQMS and AirthinxOS, Airthinx delivers continuous and accurate measurements, analyzes the data it is sensing, classifies events such as smoking and fires, provides useful information towards predicting maintenance (like developing mold), and equips users with real-time data to find new treatments for poor indoor air quality. In the midst of COVID-19 and returning to offices, these proptech platforms are absolutely essential.  


ROOM provides innovative real estate companies with a smarter, sustainable, and more affordable alternative to traditional construction. ROOM is rethinking the modern workplace through affordable, sustainable and flexible solutions that make more room for people at work. They have developed a series of purpose-built rooms that offer companies looking to change an affordable, sustainable, and flexible alternative to fixed construction and traditional office design. Their core offerings include phone booth rooms, focus rooms, meeting rooms, and open rooms.


Elauwit is an internet experience provider empowering commercial real estate owners and their tenants with property-wide connectivity and transcendent customer service. Elauwit is paving the way for a revolution in commercial property connectivity that provides the technical infrastructure, superior property-wide internet, field technician support, and customer service that educates and empowers the end-user. Blazing fast and reliable WiFi allows any property to differentiate their experience over other offices.


Deepfinity offers AI and automation for mailrooms, logistics, and proptech. Their end-to-end parcel tracking for offices logs parcels with a smartphone scan and provides automatic email and SMS notifications to staff when their packages arrive. Users can quickly scan packages received at the mailroom using a smartphone camera, automatically notify recipients, and collect their contactless for proof-of-pickup with QR codes. Perfectly equipped for the modern-day workplace experience, Deepfinity’s solution is compatible with social distancing and allows for contactless proof-of-connection. 

Clearly, these new proptech companies are paving the way for CRE, especially as property owners and operators re-adjust to new complexities in the office. Be sure to look out for the above proptech examples as protech investment trends continue to develop and the number of proptech companies increases. 

The best property tech companies integrate with greater systems

The easiest way to guarantee success with so many tenant apps and technologies in the market is by investing in a full tenant engagement platform, such as the HqOS™ operating system for commercial office buildings. Our platform approach goes beyond an individual tenant engagement app to open up a world of possibilities for the modernization of office buildings. Not only can such an end-to-end solution improve upon workplace environments and make them more desirable for building occupants, but it can also resolve the issue of fragmentation while quickly addressing changing needs in an ever-complex technology landscape.

Want to deliver rich experiences, reduce friction, and create a strong connection with tenants? Reserve your HqOS Demo today, and find out how you can centralize key property experiences and technologies into one application. 

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