5 Technology Partners That Will Improve Your Tenant Experience Strategy

Improve Your Tenant Experience Strategy with 5 Tech Partners | HqO
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Tenant experience is an evolving concept. The more we learn about the needs of building occupants and community members, the more we can enhance our tenant experience strategy to meet those needs. The easiest way to keep on top of trends and shifts in the market (and the workforce) is through technology: property management and tenant engagement tools such as tenant apps or an entire tenant experience platform can become the best competitive advantage you have. By partnering with world-class technology partners, your building can offer a variety of solutions for every office need. These innovations are sure to impress your tenants and help building staff by automating otherwise manual processes and making the office a more enjoyable place to be.

At HqO, we see workplace ingenuity all the time — whether through the impressive commercial real estate (CRE) teams we work alongside, or the tenant experience technology partners we collaborate with to provide customized solutions. In a very short amount of time, our HqOS Marketplace has grown into a booming ecosystem of tenant experience software that can address every obstacle. In the spirit of digital transformation, we’re sharing five partners in the HqO platform who can enhance five different aspects of your workplace. 

Envoy for Visitor Management 

Envoy can help any office welcome guests with its easy-to-use visitor management solution that keeps the workplace safe and saves teams valuable time. Their product can facilitate customizable sign-in (which includes asking different questions based on the purpose of the guest’s visit), instant notifications, visitor screening (where you can set the criteria for your visitors to meet prior to entry), registration, photo capture, digital document signing, badge printing, and more.

BePark for Parking 

BePark is a French parking solution that can help European tenants park in just a few minutes. Based on location, their offering can help individuals find a parking spot near their destination, as well as compare offers to determine which is the best fit for them on any given day. Tenants can then book their spot for any duration, as well as open the parking gate with their phone for an entirely touchless — and efficient — parking experience.

OpenGym for Fitness and Wellness 

OpenGym is making fitness and activity fun, accessible, and flexible through their outdoor, solar-powered fitness lockers. Operated by the OpenGym app, their lockers are provided to safely offer equipment for use and return, on-site and on-demand. Their fitness and activity resources encourage positive engagement with physical activity, as well as serve as a resource for the entire community. 

SpeedETab for Mobile Ordering

SpeedETtab allows customers to pay seamlessly through their app with just the tap of a button. Users can save their credit or debit card for easy and secure mobile payments, or even leverage Apple Pay. Additionally, they partner with the top local favorites to let users skip the line and quickly and efficiently pick up their items. They can customize to their preferences, track their order in real-time, and even discover popular items that friends and influencers recommend.

HID for Building Access 

For decades, HID has enabled millions of people to easily access offices, hospitals, classrooms, and more from their smartphone, tablet, or wearable technologies. From entry-level smart card technologies to modern solutions like HID Mobile Access, their mission is to help your organization find the best solution for its needs. Their mobile access solution offers the key benefits of user convenience, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and higher security.

Discover these office solutions and more in the HqOS Marketplace, which is just one of three layers of the HqOS end-to-end operating system for commercial real estate. The Marketplace — in conjunction with our Tenant Experience Platform and Digital Grid™ offerings — works seamlessly to produce compounding short- and long-term results for any office portfolio.

Our technology partners enable landlords to activate more of their building features, while simultaneously providing tenants with a better experience and property managers with a higher volume of data. Our Tenant Experience Platform can then channel these solutions into a customer-facing remote control for your property, establishing a digital amenity that can be accessed right from your tenants’ smartphones. 

To make the most of your tech-enabled office, our Digital Grid offering collects meaningful data and analytics on tenant behavior, amenities, technologies, and your building all in a single location. By centralizing and structuring data within our CRE-specific data model, it helps owners and operators uncover insights, take action to differentiate their assets, and make intelligent decisions across their portfolio. 

To learn more about enhancing your tenant experience strategy, schedule a free demo of our operating system today.

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