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8 Smart Building Solutions for Your Office Portfolio | HqO
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Determining the right smart building solutions for your office portfolio can be a tricky process. As one might imagine, converting your workplace into a tech-enabled mecca requires the right smart building systems and services that are desirable for tenants, through providing safe, modern, and unique experiences in a post-pandemic world. Because of this, there is truly no one-size-fits-all solution for how property teams can take advantage of smart building features to create efficiencies in the workplace and enhance the tenant experience.

COVID-19 brought on several new concerns for commercial real estate (CRE) property teams, all of which can be resolved through the right smart building ideas. Considerations such as implementing better ventilation and air quality to reduce the spread of the virus — as well as the need for more touchless experiences to help building occupants avoid touching public surfaces that could be a source of potential contamination — have been at the forefront of recent industry conversations.

Fortunately, HqO’s growing Marketplace of best-in-class technology partners can help aggregate these advanced solutions for any office building. Through our operating system, landlords and property teams can activate partners and features to meet any building’s unique needs. We’ve taken the time to list eight HqOS™ smart building technology examples (in no particular order) that we think could serve as your next competitive advantage:

LiveSafe — Accessibility

LiveSafe is the leading mobile platform for safety and security risk reporting, emergency communications, and COVID-19 health assessments and mitigation. Whether it’s physical safety and security risks, mental health, sexual harassment and assault, or COVID-19 health risks, the LiveSafe Platform provides all of the tools necessary to keep your people informed and safe.

hOM — Entertainment & Education

hOM provides fitness, wellness, and entertainment services to properties looking to foster community among tenants through unique digital programming and socially-distanced physical events when possible. Their programs have been proven to increase tenant engagement and reduce turnover.

Bbot — Food & Beverage

Bbot is a smart, mobile ordering solution that seamlessly offers contactless ordering and dining experiences. Operators can create a fully branded, digital menu accessible through QR codes that patrons can scan with their smartphones. Diners can order whatever they want, whenever they want, without ever having to download or sign up for an app. 

Tripshot — Mobility

TripShot is a simple, powerful mobility operating system that manages, tracks, and optimizes fleets and transportation services. Their platform is designed to centralize the control of all mobility assets, tools, and solutions providing greater visibility and fewer siloed systems. 

Proxy — Security

Proxy revolutionizes how people access the workplace and opens the door to smarter workplace experiences tailored to each individual. Their line of mobile readers brings mobile access to any door, turnstile, elevator call, garage, gate, and more, even those not currently connected to your access control system.

Building Impact — Sustainability

Building Impact is a nonprofit organization transforming corporate volunteering. They partner with civic leaders, business leaders, and nonprofit leaders in addressing complex social issues through in-person and digital volunteering opportunities.

Wellable — Wellness

Wellable makes health and well-being easy and personal by integrating with the leading consumer wellness technologies. Through a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach, employees can use the technologies they prefer and focus on aspects of their health they are most interested in improving. 

Join Digital — Workplace Solutions

Join Digital brings the built and digital worlds together with the essential Network-as-a-Service and IT-as-a-Service offerings. With uncapped, unthrottled internet and data services for users, support for environmental control sensors, cameras for security, access control for doors, or connections to Building Management Systems, Join delivers security, high performance, and highly resilient services.

Ultimately, owners and property teams want to create environments where people feel comfortable and excited to work. In order to accomplish this, the workplace needs to become as dynamic and adaptable as modern tenants’ needs. This indicates that not only does a building need to be smart to make the end-user journey as easy and seamless as possible, but it also needs to improve upon today’s health and safety regulations to ease modern concerns. The more we engage with this new era of building innovation, the more we can create the full, well-rounded experiences that generate value throughout an office portfolio. 

To discover more of our smart building software solutions and smart building technologies, check out our Marketplace or schedule a demo of our HqOS™ operating system today.

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