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Liam Kelsey is a content writer at HqO. Before coming to HqO, he taught writing at the University of Connecticut. He has an MA in English from UConn.

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HqO Integrates SwiftConnect Into the HqO Workplace Experience Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes HqO and SwiftConnect have partnered to build the future of workplace access that keeps tenants and…

Tech employees collaborating on whiteboard
The War for Tech Talent Isn’t Over. Here’s How To Win It in 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes A recent wave of high-profile layoffs has led some industry pundits to conclude that the war…

Three women walking in an office as coworkers look on. Image for HqO campaign blog.
The Future of Work: Workplace Experience Insights for 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2021 and 2022, the workplace underwent a series of transformational changes. In 2023, as new…

hqo state of workplace experience in 2023 stock image
Stronger Connections for Better Productivity: Top Employee Pain Points for 2023

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, as the world grapples with economic uncertainty, a large number of high-performing companies are investing…

HqO state of wx blog #3
4 High-Impact Predictions for the Future of Workplace Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes The workplace has undergone a series of major changes in the past few years. Most of…

Coworkers coming/going at workpalce. Featured image for Jan 5 HqO blog
In 2023, Make the Workplace Work for Everyone

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soon after the start of the pandemic, some analysts predicted that the sudden growth of remote…

sarah wright insidehqo
Sarah Wright, Customer Success Manager

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sarah Wright Customer Success Manager, HqO As Customer Success Manager, Sarah provides continual support to HqO…

campaign blog unpacking
Unpacking the Rise of Workplace Experience Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes It might be hard for us to imagine now, but its important to remember that the…

Inside HqO Nick Whalen
Nick Whalen, Director of Engineering

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nick Whalen Director of Engineering at HqO As Director of Engineering, Nick leads HqOs Platform Integration…

Engineering Hybid Work Success featured image
Engineering Hybrid Work Success: Exploring New Data From Leesman, an HqO Company

Reading Time: 3 minutes Companies need access to reliable data on employee demands and preferences as they negotiate the shift…

hybrid success blog #1
Using Technology and the Office to Engage Hybrid Workers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today, hybrid workplaces that is: workplaces that blend remote and in-office work are everywhere….

Annmarie Anderson Inside HqO Featured Image
Annmarie Anderson, Workplace Experience Manager

Reading Time: 6 minutes Annmarie Anderson Workplace Experience Manager at HqO As a Workplace Experience Manager, Annmarie coordinates HqOs Central…

Conversations 10, Tom Redmayne
Tom Redmayne, Managing Director at WiredScore

Reading Time: 6 minutes Tom Redmayne Managing Director, Global Business Development at WiredScore WiredScore is the organization behind the WiredScore…

OccasionGenius Q & A
How OccasionGenius Connects HqO Customers with Popular Local Events

Reading Time: 5 minutes OccasionGenius is a Virginia-based technology company that connects users with the most popular local events in…

fun and utility guide campaign blog #1
Boosting Satisfaction and Productivity with In-Person Experiences

Reading Time: 4 minutes The physical office has the potential to improve employee productivity and help companies build stronger corporate…