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Using Tenant Experience Analytics to Inform CRE Decision-Making | HqO
Using Tenant Experience Analytics to Inform Commercial Real Estate Decision-Making: Digital Grid Analytics

Reading Time: 5 minutes According to Ernst & Young, deploying new commercial real estate data and analytics tools is the…

HqO building population report
Using Contextual Data to Improve CRE Decision-making with HqO’s Building Population Report™

Reading Time: 4 minutes During the height of the cold war, Stanislav Petrov was a lieutenant colonel in the Soviet…

HqOS Capacity Management Technology | capacity manager facilitates office return to work HqO
Using HqO’s Capacity Management Technology to Facilitate the Return to Work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, commercial real estate owners are facing unprecedented and immediate challenges, and…

hqos community forum mobile and desktop help recreate office community
Recreating Office Community Post-COVID-19 with HqO’s Community Forum Product

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the surefire ways to spark a heated debate at the HqO office (or, more…

HqO Audience: Introducing the newest product from HqO. This is a picture of a laptop computer and a smart phone, both sitting on a desk and turned on. The laptop shows HqO's Audiences directory, while the smart phone displays the HqO tenant experience app
Creating Personalized Office Experiences with HqO’s Audiences Product

Reading Time: 4 minutes In early 2019, coming off of JLL Spark’s investment in HqO, I spent most of my…