A Framework for Finding the Right Tenant Experience Partners, Providers, and Technologies for Your Property [With Infographic]

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If you’re an asset manager, when was the last time you heard from one of your tenant employees? How did this conversation impact your work and approach to creating value for your organization? If these sound like silly questions, pay attention: the power dynamics of commercial real estate are shifting beneath you.

Today, record unemployment and demographic trends have created the most empowered talent pool in history, and they’re making their voices heard about where they want to work. One way we’re seeing this trend play out is in the growing number of freelancers in the modern economy—now over 60 million in the U.S.

If you’re a commercial real estate owner/operator committed to helping tenants find and retain top talent, then it is essential to understand the types of responsibilities and pressures, as well as desires and activities that surround the everyday life of your tenants’ employees. And then to take steps to create a tenant experience that addresses those concerns. Download the infographic to learn more:

At HqO, we have conversations with landlords and tenants every single day. Here’s what we’ve learned about modern tenants, and how landlords can foster relationships with each and every building occupant using a tenant experience platform.

Supporting a Successful Work-Life Integration

Whether it is the responsibility of getting work done on time, the desire to conveniently order food, or engage in activities like fitness classes, CRE teams should identify the common trends to best support their tenant community. Then, they must pose the questions: can we support the modern work-life integration that tenants need?  Do we have the amenities and programming necessary?  Are enough people getting value out of what we do offer?

HqO breaks down the daily activities of the tenant experience into eight distinct pillars of work life. These include convenience, food & beverage, entertainment, mobility, security, sustainability, accessibility and wellness. Once property managers are able to understand the common wants and needs of their tenant community, they can focus their time and energy on each pillar accordingly.

Let’s run through what we mean by each of our pillars, how landlords can superimpose the significance of each pillar on to their property, and how HqO integrates with third-party platforms to fulfill these demands.

Click to download our infographic on the pillars of modern tenant experience.


Defining Convenience

Convenience encompasses how your property can help a tenant’s day run smoothly, make information accessible, and activities easy to carry-out. If your area has local or on-site restaurants, or bookable services and amenities, it is essential to make them available to tenants through the HqO app. Being able to access these amenities in one convenient location saves tenants valuable time throughout their day.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

We work with a vast network of mobile amenities providers that adds conveniences from door-to-door local dry-cleaning services, to parking validation, and on-demand conference room booking.

Food & Beverage

Defining Food & Beverage

HqO provides tenants with the ability to order and pay for food and beverages at onsite or nearby retailers.

In the modern workplace, tenants often eat two out of their three meals in their office, not counting coffee or other beverages they consume. “As behaviors and perceptions of work have evolved, so have expectations when it comes to food in the workplace and how it supports people during their day.” Insight like this from Sodexo support these opportunities that shorten the amount of time between a tenant’s purchase and consumption, giving them back more valuable time in their day.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

Tenants at The District in Burlington, MA are able to browse and order-ahead at various on-site retailers, including Pressed Cafe, a popular lunch and breakfast spot. While most tenants eat lunch in or out of the office, this feature also allows tenants to order their breakfast ahead and pick it up on their way into work.


Defining entertainment

Having events and experiences available and promoted to the tenants of your building. People are spending more time in the office than ever. To make a workday and a tenant’s experience more enjoyable, property teams should provide entertaining, fun events for their tenant community.

Partnerships, integrations or examples

Our native software allows property managers to create events, manage guest lists and send alerts. We also offer the opportunity to work with our HqO Tenant Experience Specialists to help organize events on-site for your community. We have helped our current customers host events from small promotions like gelato giveaways to larger office parties and beer nights.


Defining mobility

As it relates to the tenant experience, mobility means making property and commute information accessible. Whether tenants choose to drive in, take the light-rail, ride the building shuttle or access an electric scooter with the HqO app, mobility is often the first touchpoint with tenants that landlords can influence each day.

With the various types of commuters that come to your office every day, it is instrumental to have the travel assistance that is built-in to the HqO app available to them, to help with all things transit.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

Currently, HqO integrates with TransitScreen to provide real-time transportation information from the surrounding area of your property. We also work with Ride Systems and TripShot to integrate shuttle services to and from the area.


Defining security

Providing tenants and guests with effective access control, visitor management, and emergency protocol alerts.

Security is a growing concern today amongst communities. Given that many offices are located in areas with heavy foot traffic and lots of visitors, a security system helps tenants feel safe. Additionally, managing the visitors that enter your property is an invaluable control that elevates tenants’ safety.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

HqO is partnered with HID, Openpath, and Proxy (launching in the next month) to provide our customers with access-control technology.

In terms of visitor management, we are working with Angus and ProxyClick to further the current capabilities of our native visitor management software.

LiveSafe is an additional software available for notifying a community during scenarios such as severe weather or potential threats.


Defining sustainability

Creating ways for your property to become green with its energy and its material as well as promoting charity, fundraising & CSR initiatives can contribute to sustainability. Research like PWC and ULI’s 2019 Emerging Trend Report shows corporate users feel “it is not only the responsible thing to do,” but include their sustainability initiatives as a subset of their employee well-being program.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples:

HqO helps landlords inform and market green-friendly and energy efficient features to building occupants. We have helped current customers activate their corporate social responsibility initiatives. We have helped to raise money for various charities and partnered to increase participation at life saving blood drives, enabling more tenants to enjoy giving back to their community.


Defining accessibility

Accessibility refers to the features and facilities of a building, which ensure access for everyone.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

Planning a visit to a building can be difficult. HqO helps people orient themselves to all the accessible features of a building. From arranging transportation to a building, way-finding across a campus, navigating ramps and accessible doorways, to being aware of accessible facilities, HqO puts knowledge in people’s hands ahead of time


Defining wellness

Does your property support and promote a tenant’s overall health and fitness?

Health and fitness options are increasingly becoming a preference for tenants of office buildings. If your building has on-campus or wellness opportunities nearby, you should promote a healthy lifestyle to your community, or even offer discounts to tenants.

Partnerships, Integrations or Examples

Mindbody, Fitspot, and Exos partner with landlords to offer a mix of fitness and wellness services in the form of on-site classes, facility management, and/or backend systems for managing the delivery of those services. With our integrations the content, the booking, and analytics around these services become available in HqO.

Learning from the Early Adopters

Now that we’ve looked at HqO’s vision of the pillars of tenant experience, here are a few questions that landlords often consider when deciding which pillars are most integral to enhance the tenant experience of their building:

  • Does this reflect a need or a desire?
  • Does it reduce friction for your tenants and/or property teams?
  • Can we reach out to the building’s tenants using surveys and questionnaires to get their insight?

In the coming weeks, the HqO blog will publish deeper dives into each of the top pillars of tenant experience and explore how these questions were answered by landlords to increase tenant engagement and happiness at buildings around the country and around the world.

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