How to Take the Guesswork out of Searching for the Best Proptech Companies

Proptech Companies: Taking the Guesswork out of the Office Search | HqO
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Current-day commercial real estate (CRE) and proptech statistics reveal a promising future for office owners and property teams looking to integrate new proptech companies into their workplaces. A recent Forbes article analyzing upcoming technology trends for the commercial real estate sector points out that the proptech industry has grown by 1072% from 2015 to 2019. In 2018 alone, venture capital firms invested $8.3 billion in proptech companies around the world. Naturally, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, these numbers have continued to rise to accommodate more flexible work models and the overall digital transformation of the workplace.

Jim Berry, Vice Chairman and U.S. real estate leader at Deloitte, explains the reasoning behind the massive growth of commercial real estate tech companies: “While the pandemic was an eye-opener, we see it as an accelerant of existing trends. It is telling that 56% of CRE respondents to our 2021 CRE Outlook survey said that the pandemic exposed shortcomings in their organizations’ digital capabilities. Only 40% of respondents said their company has a defined digital transformation roadmap.”

Naturally, figuring out how to adopt new technologies — both at speed and at scale — is a heavy lift for any property team. That’s why HqO is here to help. By combining our end-to-end operating system and our technology experts, we can make sure your search for the right property tech companies is easy, seamless, and efficient. Now, we’ll show you how.

Refining Your Proptech Company Search

Before you get into the technicalities of implementing any number of proptech companies with your office portfolio, you need to know where to look for the best results. Through the HqOS™ operating system, you can access our Marketplace of best-in-class technology partners. Not only is each technology partner pre-vetted before they are integrated within our overall platform, but they are also unique and diverse in their offerings. Our categories of partners can achieve solutions in the following areas: Accessibility, Entertainment & Education, Food & Beverage, Mobility, Security, Sustainability, Wellness, and Workplace Solutions.

Through the Marketplace, finding an appropriate partner is as simple as downloading an app on your smartphone; you can search for solutions in specific areas of need, access partner profiles that contain previews and demos of the products themselves, and then trust that they will complement the other systems within your building because they’ve already established business deals and technical requirements with the overall platform — which is conveniently already plugged into the rest of your building.

So You Found Your Ideal Partner — What’s Next?

As we mentioned, our easy technology search capabilities are just one part of our end-to-end operating system. Once you find the best proptech companies for your office, you now need to figure your next steps. 

With so many technology systems to understand and manage, we don’t just stop at providing the right technology. Instead, we understand that property teams need what we refer to as an “art and science” approach. This means that alongside technology capabilities, CRE leaders also require analytics expertise to help walk them through the implementation and management of various technology solutions, as well as to provide ongoing consultation and support to ensure faster innovations throughout any portfolio — and at any scale. 

We’ve made sure that CRE leaders have access to our trusted team of technology experts to help outline and implement solutions; navigate the rapidly changing environment of data, compliance, and tech implementation; oversee integration strategies and the interoperability of existing and new building systems, and manage the full process and technical advisory function for CRE enterprises. Additionally, our Tenant Experience team takes this support beyond the procurement and implementation processes. Through close collaboration and alignment, we can work with any property team to provide unique digital programming opportunities, ongoing consultation, and more to maximize your tenant engagement strategies and increase your building’s ROI.

Getting the Most out of Your Partnerships

The final aspect of making sure your proptech search is easy and seamless is proving that you made the right choice. This, of course, can be achieved by data-driven decision making. By leveraging your new technology partnerships to collect meaningful data on your end-users, you can then enhance your building performance — and your overall tenant experience — to increase your portfolio’s competitive advantage.

For example, if you wanted to assess your building’s amenities, you may look at digital engagement (or clicks) with content/information on your amenities, tenants’ satisfaction with those amenities, mobile access data to those amenities, equipment sensor data associated with those amenities, class or service bookings, and so on. The more activations your building features have, the more data points you can combine to paint a more holistic picture of which amenities see the most traffic, which ones need improvement, and more — showing you how your building is actually being used.

In order to access such granular data points across your portfolio, you need a robust analytics offering — like our HqOS Digital Grid™ — that can analyze multiple human behaviors throughout any asset, as well as benchmark those insights against other similar and nearby buildings. Such information can help inform property teams on decisions that previously had to be made with little or no data. Data collection can not only save you time and money by pinpointing where you need to concentrate your efforts, but it can also generate real-time feedback that will guarantee higher customer satisfaction.

Easy Proptech Management: Making the Future of Work Seamless

To further automate the new proptech company search, deployment, and data-collecting mindset, property teams require a one-stop-shop command center that brings everything together with ease. Through our HqOS Headquarters, property teams can aggregate and analyze their building data, as well as accomplish daily content creation and the deployment and configuration of data-driven tenant engagement strategies across their entire portfolio. Each layer of our operating system works together to provide owners and property teams with the flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence required to operate a modern portfolio.

For more information on how we can simplify your proptech company search, download your free demo today!

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