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The Tenant Experience Platform for CRE is HqOS | HqO
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Currently, property owners and teams in commercial real estate (CRE) are challenged with establishing exceptional customer experiences to keep up with the modern workforce through a tenant experience platform. By investing in the tech-enabled operations associated with creating exceptional tenant experiences — such as implementing ways to streamline property management needs, the procurement process, and data collection and benchmarking practices — CRE leaders can create efficiencies, enhance the overall tenant experience, prove their ROI, and ultimately generate short- and long-term value for their assets.

At HqO, we know that such capabilities require end-to-end solutions that go beyond basic tenant experience software. Thus we created HqOS™ — CRE’s tenant experience operating system — to serve as the main connector for CRE customers and technology partners, as well as to resolve important industry issues such as attracting and retaining tenants, managing technical complexity, and differentiating one’s assets. As the only full end-to-end solution available in the market, we have a lot to offer. 

Here are just some of the reasons why HqOS is the best solution for CRE leaders around the world.

Getting Up-to-Speed with Digitization

The past year has seen the exponential growth of proptech, also known as property technology. According to a recent Forbes article covering upcoming technology trends for the commercial sector, the proptech industry has skyrocketed in investment — increasing by 1072% from 2015 to 2019. In 2018 alone, venture capital firms invested $8.3 billion in proptech companies around the world. These numbers have only continued to grow to address modern health and safety regulations, as well as to digitally enhance building offerings to bring amenities and engagement opportunities directly to tenants. 

In order to accelerate the implementation of these solutions, CRE companies are encouraged to seek out strategic technology partnerships through the proptech industry and tenant engagement apps for their assets. Deloitte reports that 56% of respondents said that the [past year has] exposed shortcomings in their organizations’ digital capabilities. On top of that, only 40% of respondents said their company has a defined digital transformation roadmap. At the end of the day, filling in these technology “gaps” to accommodate a modern workforce is a critical need.

HqOS was built with establishing a technology ecosystem in mind to create a physical-to-digital tenant experience. It can provide building occupants with a seamless workplace, and can include everything from plugging into your building’s various technology systems to ensure that the building occupant journey is tech-enabled, to increasing your digital programming through virtual amenities that all can partake in, no matter where they choose to work. Such technologies seamlessly work together to create an overall impression of your building, which can make or break your customer satisfaction. 

Layers of Efficiency

In our modern landscape, owners and property teams face three major challenges to ensure the success and longevity of their office portfolios: attracting and retaining tenants, managing the complexity of their many technology systems and partners, and differentiating their assets. To address all of these issues simultaneously — and to unify these solutions in a single, easy-to-use location — CRE requires a one-stop-shop that can tackle each challenge in layers. This can all be found in the HqO platform.

Let’s start with the HqO app for tenants. Our Tenant Experience Platform can bring your property experience to your tenants, even when they’re away from the building. From this app, we bring together building technology partners from eight categories in the HqOS Marketplace — accessibility, entertainment and education, food and beverage, mobility, security, sustainability, wellness, and workplace solutions — to help you scale technology across your portfolio and host different experiences across different properties. 

Through the HqOS Digital Grid, customers can then use these building activations and digital programming initiatives to collect important insights on their end-users, helping them inform key property decisions and increase their property’s net operating income (NOI). These three layers of technology manage all customer-facing technology tools within a building, while empowering teams to activate real connections between people and their properties through digital-to-physical experiences, data-driven decision making, and the fast implementation of innovative asset strategies.

To bring it all together in a single source of truth, we developed HqOS Headquarters. It is the only custom-built tenant experience administration panel in the market that can scale across portfolios and save operating expenses (OpEx) by providing one central place to manage the experiences at your properties. Through it, property teams can manage these various features and have the flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence required to operate a modern portfolio. 

Living Without Complexity

We know that adopting any new technology is a huge lift for asset teams. We also know that when technology is not a core function or skillset of a company, change management can be difficult. That’s why we don’t stop with just the technology. Instead, true end-to-end solutions also provide great resources to support teams in delivering world-class experiences. 

HqO’s Customer Success team works with our customers to deploy valuable tenant apps and office technology by uncovering and adapting our platform to the crucial nuances of our customer’s assets and portfolios. CRE leaders can leverage our team of technology experts to help outline and implement solutions; navigate the rapidly changing environment of data, compliance, and tech implementation; oversee integration strategies and the interoperability of existing and new building systems, and manage the full process and technical advisory function for CRE enterprises. 

The HqO team can also help beyond the procurement and implementation processes. Our Tenant Experience experts can work with any property team to provide unique digital programming opportunities, ongoing consultation, and more through close collaboration. This service helps to maximize your tenant engagement strategies and increase your ROI. 

If you want to deliver world-class experiences to your tenants, you will need world-class tenant experience experts — as well as a powerful product — to bring you there. To learn more about the HqOS tenant experience platform and how it’s helping property teams increase their customer satisfaction, lease retention rates, cost savings, and more, schedule your free demo today.

HqOS, the end-to-end operating system for CRE | HqO

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