Inside HqO: Brian Rooney, Senior VP of Global Sales | HqO

Inside HqO: Brian Rooney

Brian Rooney

HqO Senior Vice President of Global Sales 

Brian Rooney recently joined HqO as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales. As a senior software sales executive with 25 years of experience in revenue and leadership success, Brian brings a breadth of experience and industry expertise to HqO to scale the company’s renowned Workplace Experience Platform for landlord and corporate clients.

Inside HqO: Brian Rooney, Senior VP of Global Sales | HqO

Thanks for taking the time to share more about yourself, Brian! To get started, can you tell our readers a little bit about your role here at HqO?

I’m HqO’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, and my day-to-day is all over the map! I joined HqO at an exciting time, where we’ve already established the value and viability of our solution in the market. Now, it’s time to scale up, grow the team, and reach more clients. Additionally, we’re expanding our market focus from servicing commercial real estate firms to also offering a people-focused, corporate workplace experience platform that goes beyond the office tower to help.

At the moment, we’re working on establishing a new level of performance and scale. Providing the right Focus, Alignment, and Execution principles is key to helping deliver consistent client engagement and sales wins. We recently completed training for the entire go-to-market (GTM) team on a new sales and messaging methodology, entirely focused on client value and business outcomes. I’m working on getting our GTM team laser-focused on our clients’ business problems, and how — by fixing them — we can help them achieve their own business goals. We talk a lot about how we need to continually improve to be excellent in all we do, to truly separate ourselves in the market.

That’s a very crucial role for our company! Who have you collaborated with the most so far?

I collaborate with a lot of people on many levels. Most recently, we established a new executive team cadence where we come together weekly to focus on our quarterly and annual goals. This helps us address the most pressing issues we face as a company, and to move forward quickly.

I’ve also established my new frontline leadership team. We work together daily to structure their businesses, grow their teams, and develop their people. Finally, I work cross-functionally with our new Vice President of Client Services, Larry Simmons, to ensure we are aligned across all post-sale efforts including implementation, adoption, and customer success. As we engage with clients to win new business, I’ll also continue to partner with our product teams on winning strategies.

HqO has experienced meteoric growth over the last few years. What are some things that have contributed to this?

First and foremost, our solution has aligned well with a major transformation occurring in commercial real estate. Landlords and operators realize they need to become much more focused on the client experience by enhancing end-user engagement in their buildings. HqO’s solution allows them to do this, by accelerating their efforts to connect with the employees of their tenants. By offering a valuable workplace management app to the employees in their building, they gain the understanding of how much value each tenant experiences every day.

This is of huge value when it comes to retention, renewal, and leasing new space. Our solution is very innovative with an incredible workplace experience app that helps employees gain efficiency and productivity every day, while delivering enlightening analytics to the teams who manage the work spaces.

Additionally, the pandemic has accelerated a new definition of workplace. Now, employers realize they need to engage differently with their employees to attract and retain them. There are many good reasons to get employees together in the office — with benefits to both the employees and employers — and our solution delivers the tools needed to make this more accessible for everyone involved.

Inside HqO: Brian Rooney, Senior VP of Global Sales | HqO

Let’s talk a little more about the second part: employer solutions. How does HqO help these types of companies meet their goals? 

A major move that contributed to this was our acquisition of Office App, the leading provider of workplace experience solutions in Europe. This acquisition represents a new market opportunity for HqO, where we will be selling our workplace experience application directly to corporations so that they can create more fulfilling digital and physical experiences for their employees. This market, which we are calling “workplace experience,” is a very exciting and growing area of business. It spans across three key areas for corporations: real estate, HR, and IT. Having an effective plan to bring those three functions together and to create a better experience for employees is a major competitive differentiator for leading companies today.

I couldn’t agree more — our Amsterdam team has been an amazing addition to HqO. What has been your biggest learning in your time here?  

So far, I have been learning a lot from HqO clients. One of the first weeks I was here, I attended our Client Advisory Board, and our EXPERIENCE 2021 event the next day. From these events, I got a good feel for how challenging it is for the people who are running workplace environments, whether they’re real estate teams, facilities teams, HR, or even IT.

I’ve come to understand all the things that go into successfully running an effective workplace experience, and all the considerations that they have in terms of technology. Even when they have a lot of technologies in use, gaining visibility into what’s actually going on is really challenging. They get a lot of value from the HqO solution, because they feel that they get a much better connection to the people who are coming in and out of their buildings.

Having a way to connect with the people in their buildings is important for so many reasons, especially with the onset of hybrid work. 

Absolutely. The value we are driving is across three areas. With HqO, employers are better able to attract, engage, and retain their employees; better able to assist employees in greater productivity every day; and better able to understand how to optimize the investments they’re making in their real estate portfolio through fantastic data and analytics dashboards.

Couldn’t agree more! To wrap things up, what excites you the most about working at HqO?

I really love the culture that’s been put in place here, and our LET’S GO values. I think that our CEO Chase Garbarino is the kind of leader that has real clarity about how to create connections and build strong organizations with people who care. There are a lot of those folks here.

I’m also excited about helping to foster an environment that enables our go-to-market teams to get better every day. As I mentioned earlier, our focus is on excellence and execution. So, I ask every single team member to identify what that means for them. We then put in place the structures, systems, and processes that enable each person to reach for the stars and exceed their goals.

I believe sales is a fantastic profession, because it always pushes people outside of their comfort zones in a pursuit to be the best version of themselves. HqO is at the point in its lifecycle where we are an established, great platform that enables team members to launch their own career and really make a name for themselves.

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