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Courtney Hayes

Marketing Manager – Demand Generation & Account-Based Marketing at HqO

As HqO’s Manager for Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing, Courtney wears many hats. She is heavily involved in client and prospect strategy, meaning she works directly with a variety of different stakeholders from HqO clients to members of the Sales team. Courtney has been with HqO for just over two years, and brings with her a background in Demand Generation for other tech companies such as athenahealth and Salsify.

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Thanks for joining us today, Courtney! Your title is very interesting — could you start by explaining the scope of your role and what it means?

Absolutely. So, my role encompasses three main categories. The first is demand generation, which involves paid advertising, display ads, paid social media, partnering with industry publications, and so on. The second is account-based marketing, or ABM. Right now with ABM, we’re working on implementing 6sense, which is a platform that will allow us to really better understand our market, our customers, and our prospects. 6sense is great because we can target ads directly to specific accounts, and it also allows us to understand which accounts are in what stages of the marketing or sales funnel. I partner a lot with Sales on ABM to make sure that we’re aligned on the accounts we want to target, the messaging we use, and so on.

The third area I cover is our events program, which includes everything from small, one day industry events where we’ll maybe just attend and have some branding, to much larger industry events, where we’ll have large booths, speaking sessions, and happy hours or dinners to accompany them. We attend a lot of events each year — we’ve already sponsored twenty events in 2022 so far! We also coordinate regional events, such as golf tournaments and concert suites, to allow the Sales team to have more face time with their prospects and customers. 

You have a hand in a lot of different areas! How do they relate to one another, and do they all share the same goal?

All of these areas really do connect back to Marketing’s goal of building the pipeline and the overall HqO brand. We always want to ensure that the messaging we are promoting with our paid advertising matches the messaging that we promote at events, and that the message in general is consistent throughout the company. Everything we do in Marketing is focused on spreading awareness of workplace experience and HqO’s leadership in that area — ultimately driving people to talk with our Sales team and purchase the product. We are helping build the pipeline that is so important to keep the wheels turning!

Can you talk more about your work with other teams within HqO?

Apart from other members of the Marketing team, I do a lot of work with Sales and Operations. We recently reorganized our Sales team into a regionally-based “pod” structure, and right now I’m working with each individual pod to ensure they have a full marketing plan that we can collaborate on. In the past year alone, we have grown so immensely as a company that we need to tailor our strategies at scale while having a stronger focus on key markets around the world. 

Because of our global presence, I work with the pod teams in the U.S. — such as New York and the Western U.S. region — as well as the European teams in regions like France, the U.K., and the Netherlands. We use insights and feedback from the pod teams to ensure that we have marketing collateral that supports their needs. 

How is HqO’s approach to customer success different from other companies in the space?

I really appreciate the amount of time and effort we put into learning from our customers and others in the industry, as well as the time and effort we dedicate to incorporating those different points of view into our product. For example, twice a year we host our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) for a full day of content and networking, which is such a great opportunity for the HqO executive team to hear firsthand from our customers about what’s working with the product, and then also what they’d like to see from the product in the future. In addition, it provides our customers with a chance to collaborate, brainstorm, and network with peers in their industry. The open conversation is really key as we get to hear what our customers care about most, what challenges they are coming across, and other ways that we can help them with their business. 

Beyond that, we’ve also tried to make our CAB a community where customers are excited to get together with the group and enjoy different cities; we’ve hosted CABs so far in Miami, New York, and San Diego, and we really try to make the events as much fun as possible. For example, in San Diego we chartered a yacht for a few hours for happy hour before a nice dinner on the water. Our CAB members are such an asset to the company, and we want to make sure they know we appreciate their partnerships with us.  I think it is really important and unique how much we really focus on learning from our customers and iterating based on feedback, as it really shows how much we value them.

Are there any events or projects coming up that you’re really excited about?

Right now, I’m preparing for our EXPERIENCE 2022 event, which is coming up in late October. Last year was our first year hosting it, and it went over really well! It was a half-day, in-person event that preceded CREtech NYC, a major industry conference for commercial real estate and proptech. We brought in customers and prospects, as well as other industry leaders, to discuss innovations in proptech and the industry more generally. This year, we are focusing on two different groups: corporate employers and landlords. To that end, we’ll have two smaller events, one for each of our categories, both focused on the future of the workplace and the state of workplace experience. We will also feature site tours of iconic buildings in New York to demonstrate the true experience aspect from some of the most innovative buildings.  We are hosting top industry leaders to speak to the groups on why workplace experience matters now more than ever, both from the landlord perspective and from the corporate employer perspective. We also want them to understand how technology can help them enhance the workplace experience in a way that benefits their company and their employees. 

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That sounds great! What goes into planning these prospect & customer  events? 

Good question — honestly a lot more than one might think! Depending on the size of the event, we have the initial planning stage, which includes choosing a location, food and beverages, deciding on the A/V needs, and physical space planning. After that, we do everything from building a website and promotion calendar, to collaborating with potential partners, speakers, and sponsors, to building the ultimate agenda and experience. Finally, of course, there’s the onsite management of the experience overall to ensure everything goes smoothly and everyone in attendance is enjoying the time. I’m lucky to work with such an incredible Marketing team where everyone can assist with the event in different ways — there is no way one person could do this all themselves!

Since you have lots of experience working with industry leaders and other influencers to show them the importance of workplace experience technology, how would you say that it is shaping the future of the industry?

What I’ve learned in the past year and beyond is that workplace experience technology is really an amazing tool for connecting people. A lot of us struggled to connect during the worst of the pandemic, and I think our technology is really a great tool when it comes to bringing us all back together. During the pandemic, we utilized our own product to allow for safe ways to come into the office and get the contact that we all really needed. We had tools such as capacity management as well as partnered with teams to host both in-person and virtual events that allowed everyone to interact at the comfort level they chose. 

And that’s one of the things I really like about our product: HqO creates technology that allows people to come together with other people. As a company, we do an awesome job of facilitating that contact even within our own offices, and I think our product really reflects that. 

To wrap things up, what excites you most about working at HqO?

I think HqO as a company is unique because we get to use our product while we’re also deploying it in the market. So, being an employee here, I understand completely the importance of having an app for the workplace and being able to communicate with everyone, which is great. 

Beyond that, I’d say we really practice what we preach with regard to workplace experience. We have a great internal Workplace Experience team, and everyone here is constantly working on ways to improve the in-office experience. I think it’s really great to work with a company that thinks that way. The internal team at HqO is always asking for feedback and sending out surveys to really understand what our employees prioritize in an experience. They’ve really created this amazing office culture that everyone is excited to be a part of, and that’s what I think is so important for other companies to replicate. This is why I am so excited to be on the Marketing team, helping to drive awareness of the importance of workplace experience and how our product can really create that ultimate experience that has been so successful for us and our customers. 

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