Introducing HqOS Headquarters

Introducing HqOS Headquarters
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It’s hard to believe that we launched HqO almost three years ago.

Within that short period of time, we’ve seen the logistics around where, when, and how people work change drastically — especially now due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of flexible, hybrid work models, commercial real estate (CRE) leaders need to remind themselves of a simple truth: buildings are only valuable if there are people in them.

This shift in the CRE value equation — from location to people — has stirred the pot in more ways than one, pushing property owners to navigate a vast technology landscape to bridge the divide between physical and digital office experiences. In order to do this, landlords need to think beyond their building alone. They need to facilitate a safe return to the office for tenants, while also creating an appealing destination that provides real value to their building occupants both now and in the future. 

At HqO, we believe in the power of true connection: with the buildings we work in, with the people we work with, and with the technologies we use every day. Thus, it’s with great pride — and excitement — that I announce our latest product. 

Meet HqOS™ Headquarters.

Providing End-to-End Solutions for CRE

“HqO has been a key partner to reopening and reactivating our mixed-use campus environments,” said Ginny Miller, VP of Technology and Innovation at Jamestown. “We have worked with their partner ecosystem to enact solutions around safe commutes and mobility, workplace communication, touchless food ordering, and occupancy management. As we navigate new unknowns, HqO allows our teams to enact nimble and proactive strategies.”

We designed HqOS Headquarters to empower landlords and property teams to easily take advantage of all the functionality HqOS has to offer. Our new desktop-based command center allows customers to rapidly deploy and configure data-driven tenant engagement strategies across their portfolio — with absolutely no coding required. 

Of course, Headquarters isn’t the only new feature we’re providing to our customers. Today’s announcement comes with additional enhancements to HqOS, our tenant experience operating system for commercial office buildings. Together, these features expand on our goal to provide customers with the flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence required to operate a modern commercial real estate portfolio. They also work together to address three major challenges for commercial real estate professionals: attracting and retaining tenants, managing fragmented technology systems, and differentiating assets with data.

What’s New with HqOS

New updates to the existing components of HqOS give HqO customers the ability to:

  • Deliver more robust digital programming Through the HqOS Tenant Web, property owners can meet tenants where they are and empower them with another channel to access key functionality and programming. Tenant Web replicates all of the functionality available in the Tenant Experience Platform, and converts it into a user-friendly web experience accessible to tenants via desktop and mobile versions.
  • Accelerate the growth of fully-integrated HqOS partners — The HqOS Partner Portal makes integrations with HqOS easier and faster for partners, while also increasing the number of available pre-vetted technologies for building owners. The feature gives Marketplace partners the ability to set up new apps in HqOS and easily install their technology into customer buildings or portfolios within HqOS upon request. Partners will have self-service tools to ensure their functionality, user models, and data models match up with HqOS standards — further increasing the flexibility and customization of the HqOS platform and delivering a streamlined, end-to-end solution for HqO’s customers.
  • Navigate a seamless Digital Grid user experience — The new Digital Grid™ user experience provides an improved analytics view that integrates all the key components of landlords’ building(s) and portfolio: buildings, amenities, and tenant behavior. By centralizing and structuring data within our CRE-specific data model, the Digital Grid helps owners and operators uncover insights, take action to differentiate their assets, and make intelligent decisions across their portfolio.

Join the Momentum

“We’re excited to partner with HqO, one of the leaders of proptech services, to strengthen our commitment to our tenants and the tenant experience,” says Sonja Ellis, Director of Property Management for Cawley Partners. “Providing digital solutions for tenant engagement is paramount for commercial office buildings in our current climate; as property owners we look forward to continuing to increase our value to our tenants whether they’re working in the office or at home.”

Since we announced HqOS in May, we’ve digitally launched our Tenant Experience Platform across 81 new properties. We’ve also integrated 110 developers and 70 vendors within our Marketplace — many of which provide services and tools that are vital to modern safety and health regulations and are shaping the future of work. Alongside those partnerships, we’ve also added over 200 assets to the Digital Grid to help make it easier than ever to surface data on the companies, spaces, amenities, and technologies within your building.

All of this has taught us one very important thing: CRE needs technology to create a modern, end-to-end workplace experience. The more partners and clients we work with, the more we learn about technology’s role — and our role — in the future of the office. We’ll continue to create excellent products that improve the tenant experience, and we hope to see you along for the ride. Let’s go!

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