Love Where You Work: Hillsite Office Building by the Bulfinch Companies

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Next up in the #LoveWhereYouWork series: Hillsite Office Building, a property in Needham, MA, from the Bulfinch Companies. We’re very excited to be working with Bulfinch to launch our tenant experience platform with their community. Any office building outside of metro Boston should look to Bulfinch Companies as an example of a forward-thinking owner considering and implementing the tech-enabled amenities and experiences that connected tenants want and expect at work.

Check out this quick video tour and overview of our launch at Hillsite Office Building to see the types of amenities we brought onsite to get the tenant community excited. Also, don’t miss the special guest cameo near the end. 



No time to watch the video? Read on…


Bulfinch Companies is very in tune to the modern needs of tenants and clearly recognizes that a mobile app for their office building adds something extra personalized to the workday. In addition to helping tenants navigate their workday at Hillsite, HqO gives them special treats and experiences to look forward to everyday that builds upon the Bulfinch brand. And, for our launch at the Hillsite, Bulfinch pulled out all the stops.



Free donuts from Blackbird Donuts:




The tenants loved it!




Free coffee from Espresso Dave:




And lots of other planned experiences, such as onsite yoga, chair massages, and meditation – all free for tenants with the HqO app. 



It’s been great launching at Hillsite Office Building because the Bulfinch Companies team has been completely focused on discovering and implementing the small touches that we can bring to their community to make work more fun, more convenient, and more enjoyable. We are working hand in hand with Bulfinch to find the special experiences, promotions with local retailers, and onsite amenities that tenants have said will make an impact on their day.




Bulfinch has always been great at this (case in point: the LeanBox they installed for tenants to choose healthy options when they’re on the go), but by making it all available to tenants on HqO, Bulfinch guarantees that information is in a format that everyone is familiar with – a new mobile app for their building. 


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