Love Where You Work: The Hive in Downtown Crossing

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Next up in our “Love Where You Work” blog series: The Hive, a cluster of buildings owned by Synergy Investments and designed with the most innovative of tenants in mind. Located right smack dab in the middle of Downtown Crossing, Boston, The Hive has a bunch of onsite and local amenities to explore (including access to nearby historical landmarks, such as The Freedom Trail, The Boston Commons, and Fanueil Hall).

The Hive consists of five downtown Boston office buildings converged around shared coworking space, making a really for a really collaborative and social environment. The buildings have old school Boston style with creative touches designed for tech businesses that want to build a strong company culture around their physical space.


The Hive consists of 5 different buildings at 38 Chauncy Street, and 55, 71, 77, and 87 Summer Street. The buildings boast some really impressive tenants, such as Starry, HUDL, Skyword, Robin Powerered, AwareX, Repsy, Threat Stack, and Maximus, to name a few.

Part of the draw of The Hive for these fast-growing tech companies is its urban proximity, but also its focus on experiences and amenities in and outside the building.

Landlords like Synergy understand that office space and your run of the mill amenities are commoditized, and the office properties that truly stand out will offer a bit extra. Tenants have a new set of demands thanks to the consumerization of products and services like Airbnb, Uber, sweetgreen, lululemon, and so on really focusing on the experience vs. the physical item that they sell. The most modern office owners and operators are looking to unique uses of space and technology to really wow these “Connected Tenants” and in order to win over the best prospective clients.

So what were some of our favorite on and offsite amenities procured by Synergy at the Hive? Check out a few here:


An onsite gym for The Hive tenants, but if you prefer classes, one of the best workouts is ALSO a tenant: Barry’s Bootcamp, on the floor of 38 Chauncy St.


Not a gym person? Synergy thought of you, too… just head to the sweet coworking space to get some work done or post up your team in the beautiful conference room complete with flat screens:

syn-conference Or… procrastinate in the game room:



If you’re most concerned with lunch during the day, the options are endless in Downtown Crossing. Whether you’re craving Mexican or Mediterranean, or you’re vegan or vegetarian, this neighborhood is full of options.


I can speak from experience – it was great spending a few hours in and around The Hive. So much energy, so many cool amenities, and just an overall great vibe, it’s definitely worthy of a tour if you want to Love Where You Work.

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