Marketplace Minute: Community Programming

Community Programming: Marketplace Minute | HqO
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In a recent TechCrunch article, Clelia Warburg Peters of Bain Capital Ventures explains the new look and feel of office buildings: 

“The best landlords will recognize that they are going to be under pressure to shift from simply providing a physical space, to helping provide tenants with a multichannel work experience […] These assets will need to be provided in the context of a much more human relationship, focusing on serving the needs of tenants.”

To meet tenant needs, landlords and property teams are quickly adopting property technology to enhance the workplace experience. A significant part of these strategies has been strengthening communities through custom programming initiatives that bring the hybrid workforce together and create value in the office.

Whether it’s your very first time leveraging a tenant experience platform, or you’re an existing HqO customer looking to welcome your tenants back to the office, there’s a lot to take in when launching a tech-enabled building. That’s why the HqOS Marketplace includes integrations with best-in-class technologies across the globe. With the help of our partners, our Tenant Experience team creates custom content and programming for each of our clients through their building app. Below are just three of our partners who can take your building community to the next level:

Community Programming: Marketplace Minute | HqO

Alfred (formerly hOM)

Alfred is a technology-enabled amenity provider that develops community and wellness through hospitality-focused services and events. 

“Activations and events have been a very successful way of attracting employees back to the office,” says Francesca Loftus, Director of Community & AlfredOS. “They help by re-introducing people to the benefits of a space designed for work function.”

Alfred’s services include yoga, wellness training, meditation classes, and other related offerings. In a world where anxiety and stress are ever-present, being able to provide an outlet for tenants that enhances their wellbeing, entertainment, and sense of community is critical. Employers looking to provide a diverse set of options for their employees can also benefit from their digital programming services.

Community Programming: Marketplace Minute | HqO

Factory 360

“As tenants return to offices, there’s a new-found appreciation for experiences that connect employees, increase morale, and drive collaboration,” says Gabby Neves, Partner at Factory 360.

Factory 360 is an experiential marketing agency that believes that an idea is only as dynamic as its execution. They can empower the landlord brand through intuitive programming, a national network of brand ambassadors, and campaigns that ignite hearts, minds, and social media engagement. 

“After over a year of zoom backgrounds and conference calls, human connection has been stunted and people are more ready than ever to get back into a work environment that keeps employees inspired and engaged,” Neves continues. “Through building happy hours, workshops, and programming, buildings can be the hinge to connect companies and employees, sparking creativity, inspiring innovation, and promoting overall employee health and happiness in a work environment.”

Factory 360 bridges the space between memorable events and long-term brand loyalty by using emerging trends and cultural changes to engage consumers in a unique and modern way.

Community Programming: Marketplace Minute | HqO


Wellable is a wellness technology platform that enables organizations to create programs that help employees thrive by engaging them in holistic well-being educational modules and activities. 

“The last year and a half has been lacking that spark to life, that vibration that gets us up and out of bed in the morning to see what the day has in store for us,” explains Lyndsey Morash, Director of Tenant Experience at Wellable. “As property managers work to entice people back into the office, they’ll need to remember that their buildings need to be more than just four walls to work within because people already have that at home, where they don’t have a commute. The post-pandemic office building needs to ooze community and culture, and the only way to do that is to implement programming and events around socialization, learning, and health and wellness. Focusing on these three areas will build community. Having a community will increase tenant happiness, and happy tenants want to keep coming back to the office.”

To meet these needs, Wellable supplements its digital experience with on-site services and rewards administration to maximize engagement, resulting in a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. Wellable works with employers, health plans, and properties of all sizes across the world, and has active users in more than 23 different countries. 

The HqOS Marketplace is unrivaled in bringing commercial real estate teams the best integrations and features for their portfolios. Marketplace Minute is a monthly blog series to highlight these best-in-class technology partners and how they’re being used across the globe. For more information on our Marketplace, click here. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, visit our partner page.

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