Marketplace Minute: Mobile Access and the Return to Work

Mobile Access and the Return to Work | HqO
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As more companies ask their employees to return to the office in some capacity, commercial real estate (CRE) leaders looking to safely return tenants to work have been investing in technology to modernize their office spaces. Not surprisingly, access control systems play a significant role in this strategy, with 54% of businesses upgrading or planning to upgrade to a mobile access system in the next few years.

As you’re planning out the best strategy to create a more touchless (and frictionless) experience for your property, here are a few of the world-class companies available within the HqOS Marketplace that can help make it a reality.

Mobile Access and the Return to Work | HqO


Proxy is dedicated to empowering all people with smartphone-based identity signals for universal access. The signal, emitted from a smartphone, can give people frictionless access to any space or device, similar to a universal single-sign on for the physical world. “Proxy designs and builds privacy-first, human-led, identity technologies,” says Ed Dischner, Vice President of Sales at Proxy. “With Proxy Mobile ID and Access services, users and organizations are provided a seamless and truly touchless experience, which is now more important than ever when returning to the office.”

Today, businesses can enable their employees, visitors, and tenants to use Proxy signals for frictionless smartphone-based access through secured doors, elevators, and turnstiles, and to create personalized experiences throughout the workplace.

“But more than access, Proxy is introducing Proxy Health and is built to help businesses reopen safely. Proxy’s Health Pass uses in-app health screening, test scheduling and results, and digital proof of vaccination to confirm that health requirements are met from employees and visitors alike. Through the Proxy Dashboard, businesses ensure the safety of their employees, meet all COVID-19 compliance guidelines and limit person-to-person contact, making returning to the office simple and safe.”

Mobile Access and the Return to Work | HqO


Openpath allows anyone to use their mobile phone to open an authorized door with the wave of a handwithout needing the phone or app to be open. With a robust cloud solution, Openpath provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud capabilities, future-proofing the needs of the built environment.

“The pandemic quickly exposed the limitations of legacy CRE technology,” mentions Openpath’s Head of Business, David McGuiness. “It created tremendous interest and demand for cloud-based systems that enable work-from-anywhere, open platforms that support easy integrations with other systems, as well as mobile technology that delivers new information, experiences, and conveniences to occupiers.”

While effortless for a tenant to use, ensuring Openpath could meet the modern security demands of tenants and property managers was paramount. As a result, they’ve introduced innovative tailgating and lockdown solutions that provide the ability to lock/unlock any door, zone, or building in an emergency from a mobile device. And, their patented Triple Unlock technology delivers 99.9% reliability for a secure, frictionless and fast entry experience.

“The Openpath-HqO partnership is a perfect example of technology trends coming together, enabling tenants to experience the built world in a new way all within a one tenant application. When deployed with Openpath, that new way uniquely includes being able to unlock a door with a handwave without having to pull out your phone or even launch the app.”

Mobile Access and the Return to Work | HqO


Kastle Systems has been leading the security industry since 1972 with advanced managed security solutions and services, protecting the who’s who of commercial real estate, distinguished global retail brands, leading global enterprises, educational institutions, and critical government facilities. “Landlords and tenants face two challenges in returning workers to the office confidently: 1) ensuring only healthy people enter each day and 2) controlling the real-time occupancy of those on-premise,” states Kastle’s CEO, Haniel Lynn.

Kastle’s state-of-the-art security solutions include access control, video surveillance, visitor management, and identity management, as well as a suite of mobile security applications, all integrated on an open, standards-based platform. “We empower them to enforce policies that overcome these challenges with our KastleSafeSpaces® access operation in tandem with our KastlePresense® mobile application. Together they employ health screening measures to pre-qualify occupants for access each day and then continuously monitor their aggregated location presence to avoid overcrowding.”

Mobile Access and the Return to Work | HqO


Brivo is a global leader in mobile, cloud-based access control for commercial real estate, multi-family residential, and distributed enterprises. Driven to make the world a safer place, Brivo is a pioneer in the cybersecurity world, launching its cloud-based security platform and products in 2002.

“Demand for mobile credentials is accelerating because users want the convenience of using their phone instead of a badge,” says CEO, Steve Van Till. “They also like being able to send digital credentials to guests, visitors, contractors, and new employees. Needless to say, COVID has made the touchless aspect of mobile credentials more desirable than ever.”

Brivo’s comprehensive product ecosystem and open API provide businesses with powerful digital tools to increase security automation, elevate employee and tenant experience, and improve the safety of all people and assets in the built environment. “Our Brivo Mobile Pass application has evolved since we introduced it in 2015 to include a completely hands-free option that we call Fluid Access. This feature lets users unlock doors even when their phone is in their pocket or purse.”

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