Marketplace Minute: the Flexible Workplace

Marketplace Minute: the Flexible Workplace | HqO
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The battle for tenant attraction and retention is ongoing in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, and creating a flexible workplace is at the forefront of the conversation.

Flex space can imply many things, from the coworking model made famous by WeWork to the simple ability to book a temporary desk or room within your own building. No matter how you look at it, flex space has proven to be a critical (and extremely popular) differentiator for property teams around the world.

In fact, there are already over 35,000 flexible workspaces in existence today, with the global market value for these spaces sitting at around 26 billion dollars. Thus, it’s no surprise that technology companies have risen to the challenge to meet modern tenant demands. 

At HqO, we provide leading flex space technologies between our in-app capabilities and our best-in-class Marketplace partners. Below are just a few examples of the technology integrations we offer to ensure that every member of your building community can achieve their preferred work environment.

Marketplace Minute: the Flexible Workplace | HqO


Nexudus is a leading management software for coworking spaces, flexible workspaces, and flexible offices. 

“Even before the pandemic, we were seeing increased popularity for coworking and flexible workspaces,” explains Sammy Dukes, Marketing Assistant at Nexudus. “The pandemic really accelerated this trend, and many more companies have changed their perspective on how they see offices and workspaces. Workforces are now less likely than ever to be contained to a single dedicated office building, and many now find themselves distributed across coworking and flexible workspaces. This allows companies to reduce their costs by saying goodbye to expensive, long-term office leases, and make themselves more attractive to potential employees by offering flexible working.”

Nexudus is helping coworking and flexible workspaces around the world take advantage of this significant opportunity, by providing them with the tools they need to run a workspace that is able to meet the needs of the future of work. Over the past year or two, the company has implemented as many opportunities for contactless tenant interaction within the space as possible, helping to reduce touch points while also growing their community features to keep members engaged both online and offline. They also provide real-time metrics that give both operators and users a clear picture of how the space is being used.

“Founded in 2012, we serve over 2000 spaces in over 90 countries,” continues Dukes. “We are always looking to support the coworking and flexible workspace industry grow and develop. We constantly improve and adapt our offering to meet the needs of our customers, and will continue to do so moving forward.”

Marketplace Minute: the Flexible Workplace | HqO


essensys was founded on a simple premise: by changing how space and services are delivered, they could transform the tenant experience in a flexible workspace. Today, they ensure that workspaces are adaptable and enjoyable to use, provide smooth digital experiences for all members of a building community, inspire productivity and collaboration, and offer the confidence of digital security.

“As tenants start to consider what the return to office looks like, they are looking towards landlords with expectations of an improved office experience,” says Chris James, SVP of Business Development at essensys. “Going forward, landlords will be obligated to provide enterprise-ready spaces, services, and amenities that align to tenants’ evolving requirements as part of their occupancy.”

The robust essensys platform consists of digital infrastructure, space management, space operations, and experience features such as private networks, space analysis tools, and frictionless access.

“Now is the time for landlords to review and strategize around this in a way that also aligns to their portfolio offering,” James states. “Software and technology are key enablers to satisfy the demand for the office spaces tenants need today and in the future. And successful landlords will have to adapt to their needs.”

Marketplace Minute: the Flexible Workplace | HqO


Industrious’ private offices and suites provide sustainable options for companies to manage newly distributed teams for the long-term. 

“Industrious is in the really unique position of helping companies navigate the future of their workplace, which involves so much more than just deciding upon the right square footage,” says David Menis, Vice President of Marketing at Industrious. “It’s shaping some of the most important elements of a business, like employee experience and company culture. We’ve seen a significant shift towards more companies incorporating flexible office space into their workplace strategies as a way to provide their employees with more autonomy when it comes to how and where they work. By partnering with a workplace provider like Industrious and leveraging our network of workspaces around the world, companies are able to offer multiple offices for their employees to visit in the key cities, or even neighborhoods, that are the most convenient for them.” 

The company makes it easy to find an office that works for everyone — even if they come in just once or twice a week. Industrious currently offers flexible terms and locations in more than 50 U.S. markets.

The HqOS Marketplace is unrivaled in bringing commercial real estate teams the best integrations and features for their portfolios. Marketplace Minute is a monthly blog series to highlight these best-in-class technology partners and how they’re being used across the globe. For more information on our Marketplace, click here. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, visit our partner page.

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