Reimagining the HqO Brand: What Our New Look Says about the Future of Tenant Experience

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The HqO business is growing at an incredible clip. We are continuing to expand globally, win business with new top landlords, and solidify building trust as we launch iconic and trophy assets, and roll-out across entire landlord portfolios. As our business grows, the HqO brand is changing along with it.

This year, we’ve established ourselves as the fastest growing company in tenant experience — now operating in more than 62 million square feet of commercial office space. We’ve built a team of technology and tenant experience experts, who are building both the software and the educational programs to inspire a community of TeX professionals around the world. In their 2020 CRE Outlook, Deloitte points out that the movement to transform real estate with digital and analytics has reached a tipping point, and the most important area is tenant experience. Today, HqO is leading that movement.

Read on the learn how our new brand helps us expand our leadership position.

What’s changed on the site, and what’s coming next?

Today, HqO debuted a new brand that includes updates to our imagery, colors, fonts, and logos. We’re fired up about how tenant experience is reshaping the way that real estate companies make decisions, and we think that our new look helps us convey more of our vision for the future of tenant experience. Visually, we’re focused on telling a few important stories about that future:

Commercial real estate needs a true platform that provides analytics and intelligence around tenant experience. Our new site calls attention to this with a section completely dedicated to the HqO Platform.

Being a true technology platform means that we are committed to building not just working features, but building a future where landlords have access to the integrations, data analytics, and partnerships they need to improve their businesses.

A true tenant experience mobile app has to be useful and engaging to the point that it becomes a daily habit. Our mobile app page is focused on showing just how extensible the HqO mobile app really is.

Beyond our technology, it takes professional services to activate your tenant experience program and personalize it to specific markets, regions, and even buildings. Our dedicated, knowledgeable people shine throughout our new site.

When we combine tech, people, and data, the result is a revolutionary experience for each and every building occupant.

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Being true to our core

Despite the growth and the change, we remain the same at our core. We are technologists, consultants, and leaders who are aligned to the interests of landlords and are driven to serve the needs of people in the workplace. We think our new brand demonstrates the human side of tenant experience in a fun and accessible way while still maintaining laser-focus on our goals: to increase value for owners and to help them use technology and data in CRE as seamlessly as  it is used by the top technology companies in the world.

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