Simplify Space Reservations Within Your Commercial Property Using HqO

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Space booking through the HqO app is a simple way for property teams to promote reservable space on-site and manage tenant requests. By using the “Reserve space” tool, tenants have the ability to select time slots for various spaces such as conference rooms. Instead of using another website, e-mail or sign-up sheet for this purpose, space reservation requests are now centralized within the HqO tenant experience platform.

The space booking feature within HqO is designed to increase efficiency to communication and coordinate with tenant employees and effectively promote all reservable amenities to tenant employees.

User Experience (HqO mobile app)

Tenant employees may be unaware of a property’s complete list of amenities. General information and availability of reservable amenities are now a part of the HqO mobile app. On the HqO home screen you will see the “Reserve space” icon in the menu. From there, tenant employees can browse through the reservable space options (anything from a conference room, roof deck, bowling alley, or loading dock). Each space listing shows displays capacity as well as a short description beneath.

Space1 Space2

By selecting the various reservable spaces, tenants can drill into further relevant information about each space such as:

● Capacity
● Operational hours of the space
● Amenities (TV, Projector, WIFI)
● Potential fees


Once the tenant has decided which space they would like to reserve, they can request a date and time up to 6 months in advance by browsing through the available time slots in the calendar.


Once the tenant has selected a space and time slot they will use “Book Conference Room” and lastly press “Done”. Now the tenant has successfully requested a reservation and they will be sent a confirmation email.

Admin Experience (web portal)

Through the new HqO admin panel, property teams can easily manage the reservable rooms and make the information easily accessible to their tenants. They can do this by selecting “Resources” from the side bar menu and then “Create New Resource” in the top right-hand corner of the page. Once created they will be able to manage and update their existing resources in this menu as well.


Next, the admin panel lays out an organized template for the property teams to create the resource. This includes:

● An Image
● Name for the space
● Description
● Capacity
● Maximum booking interval

Once you’re satisfied with the resource, you can make it available for tenant reservations by selecting “Create Resource”.


Property teams can navigate to the “Reservations” page then by selecting “Schedule” they will see all of the different requests made by tenants. This page includes:

● The name of the tenant or group
● Company name
● Resource requested
● Date
● Time
● Email
● Contacted (a check box to keep track of which requests the property team has contacted)

By utilizing the new resources function within the HqO admin panel, property teams and owners can promote utilization of reservable amenities more effectively than before. The result is less friction in the process of reserving spaces and more awareness of your building resources!

To see a live demo of these features please schedule a demo and get ready to experience the future of tenant experience:

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