Using HqO’s Capacity Management Technology to Facilitate the Return to Work

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Amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, commercial real estate owners are facing unprecedented and immediate challenges, and chief among these challenges is facilitating a safe “return to work.” 

Tenant companies across the globe are reevaluating physical closeness in the workplace, and, after many firms made a surprisingly successful transition to remote work at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a growing school of thought that many workers may never go back to the office

However, after roughly four months of working from home, the drawbacks of remote work are beginning to emerge. According to the Wall Street Journal, projects are taking longer, hiring and integrating new employees is more complicated, and developing younger employees is more difficult.

This shifting employee sentiment is highlighted in a recent survey from Colliers International research, which reveals that out of 5,000 respondents across 18 global industries, 49% of employees said they would like to limit their remote work experiences to just two days a week after the pandemic subsides, whereas only 12% said they’d like to work from home four or more days a week.

Regardless of which side of this argument you fall on, it is clear that, even when things do begin to return to normal, the anxiety about invisible contagions will persist. 

This anxiety will lead us into what many are calling the “new normal,” where office owners will be expected to maintain stringent health procedures, manage office capacity, and deploy new technologies that keep tenants safe.

As a commercial office owner, creating confidence amongst your tenant base that you can develop and maintain this “new normal” is key to retaining key tenants, signing new leases, and protecting the overall performance of your assets.   

HqO’s commercial office operating system, HqOS, is in a unique position to ensure a safe return to work for tenants and their employees. Our solution, “Office Capacity Manager,” provides our customers and their tenants with a scalable way to manage in-office work requests and adhere to local capacity guidelines.    

Introducing Office Capacity Manager

HqO’s Office Capacity Manager allows our customers and their tenants to easily manage the number of employees that come to the office on a given day. As users request access to their buildings, they provide additional information on their department, the reason for the request, and the priority of the request to ensure each tenant company is maximizing the value of their limited capacity. By deploying this product, asset and property managers allow tenants to safely return employees to their offices and take a critical first step towards improving building occupancy. 

Key Capabilities

hqo capacity manager select office request date screen

Submit in-office requests for any day of the upcoming week:

  • Assign priority to specific requests:
    1. High – Attendance is necessary on this day
    2. Medium – Attendance is helpful, but not necessary
    3. Low – Attendance is just a preference

capacity manager office request and priority detail screen

Agree to building terms & conditions

  • Ensure only healthy individuals return to the office
  • Educate tenants on potential symptoms and warning signs of infection

office capacity manager administrative view to approve return to work requests

Enable contact tracing

  • Alert tenants if an in-office employee tests positive for COVID-19

Manage requests through HqOS

  • Allow tenant representatives to safely monitor their own spaces 
  • Accept or deny employee requests based on priority 
  • Receive a capacity notification when requests exceed capacity restrictions

At HqO, we believe in the power of connection and the value these connections create for our customers — commercial office owners. With the “return to work” underway in many states, we believe our Office Capacity Manager product ensures that office owners and tenants can safely and smoothly come back to their offices and reap the benefits so many companies are missing while working from home.

Want to see Office Capacity Manager and HqOS in action? Click here.

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