What is the HqO Marketplace, and How Does it Aid My Back to Work Planning?

HqOS Marketplace back to work
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Going back to work will be no easy feat due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only will businesses need to maintain a sense of connectivity and community with their tenants, but they will also need to apply newly-established virtual business models — born from the necessities of remote working and social distancing — to the physical world. In fact, unique virtual experiences are sure to play a significant role in addressing several key obstacles as businesses make the shift back to the office: with the right technology, everything from tenant needs to asset strategies can be seamlessly integrated and managed by commercial real estate (CRE) leaders. 

How Do I Find the Right Technology and Amenity Partners for My Building?

Enter the HqO Marketplace: a one-stop-shop to find and qualify innovative partners with just a few clicks. The Marketplace connects you to a network of amenity and service providers — pre-vetted by HqO’s team of experts — that is empowering landlords, property teams, CRE leaders, developers, vendors, and tenants to easily browse a curated list of best-in-class partners for every need. Our end-to-end solution helps differentiate your workplace while bridging the voids caused by fragmentation and scale.

Why Build a Tenant Experience Marketplace?

As is with any business, efficiency and timeliness are invaluable. With the explosion of the proptech market in the past few years, identifying the right technology and amenity partners has become a daunting and time-intensive task. Our tenant experience building app and the new HqOS Marketplace tackle this head-on by driving increased net operating income (NOI) for property owners through finding innovative ways to increase occupancy and optimize operations.

How a Marketplace for Amenities and Services Helps CRE

Not only can building owners and property teams expect access to best-in-class service partners in one place when utilizing the HqO Marketplace, but they can also benefit from long-term support. The HqO team offers white-glove service, app configuration, and consultative assistance to determine the best strategy for your team, whether focused on an individual asset or your entire portfolio. Transactions and bookings can occur through the platform, and services can be scaled and tailored to fit specific customer needs.  

Back to Work: How Technology and Amenities Help Right Now

HqO’s operating system which facilitates back-to-work solutions in the key focus areas of communications, safety, logistics, and health can also help landlords seeking technology to address safety concerns as tenants return to work in the “new normal.” The HqO Marketplace will grant access to partners across the spectrum of the above categories to provide the best possible building experience. Think of it as the App Store for all your technology and vendor needs as you start to roll out your back-to-work strategy:

Which Amenity and Technology Vendors Does HqO Work with?

A non-exhaustive list (which is constantly growing!) of solutions in several key tenant experience categories.


Push notifications for property teams

A cleaning content plan and schedule, plus management solutions

  • The HqO team can create and execute a content schedule to communicate building cleanliness and health (e.g. cleaning updates, maintenance updates, infrastructure updates, etc.)

Building protocols content plan and management 

  • The HqO team can create and execute a content schedule to communicate new procedures and protocols for the property (e.g. distancing in common areas, elevator distancing, mask requirements, etc.)

Document management (e.g. sign a waiver in-app)

  • Consumers can sign waivers via a native app experience, and documents will be organized and stored by company and user in the HqOS system.

Emergency notifications

  • Landlords can leverage a professional emergency notification system in the building for both top-down and bottom-up reporting.


Contactless digital access

Digital visitor management

  • Landlords have visibility on the volume of non-tenants coming into their buildings and can send information about building protocols to guests before they arrive. 
  • Guests can scan or show a QR code and avoid touching their ID or a physical pass.


Space management

  • Landlords have the capabilities to provide tenants with space management software. Landlords also have the ability to communicate density of space, foot traffic, and spacing guidelines of communal spaces.

Office capacity management 

  • Software, for landlords or individual tenants, that manages employee requests to come in to the office, including who can come, how many can come, and when they’re coming.


  • Landlords and their tenant companies can manage work days, arrival times, and attendance in the building in order to track density and assist social distancing. 

Enabling retail pickup

  • Provide the safe delivery of meals to outposts within their buildings.
  • By providing updated protocols and hours, tenants can take advantage of existing promotions. 
  • Provide pods (similar to an Amazon locker) in the lobby for all food deliveries that can then be sanitized by UV light before pickup.

Work order management

  • Repackage work order purposes for COVID-related issues.


Sanitation stations 

  • Landlords can provide sanitation supplies and services to consumers such as cloth masks,  and can communicate and coordinate within the app.

Healthcare bundle

  • Landlords can provide companies and consumers with both telemedicine and in-app health services, combined with convenient delivery from in-app providers on-site.
  • Landlords can provide wellness workshops, health screenings, and temperature checks to tenants

Proptech Solutions to Get Back to Work

As virtual experiences become more and more integrated with the built environment, landlords, proptech partners, property managers, and tenants alike will be looking for digital solutions to enhance their daily routines. With HqOS and the HqO Marketplace facilitating and managing all of your connections and needs, CRE leaders can provide safer and greater experiences across their entire portfolio with ease — a growing necessity as we navigate the current pandemic and return to a “new normal.”

Ready to learn more about how HqO can help your tenants get back to work safely and efficiently? Check out our free Back-to-Work Kit to help craft your strategy.

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