Whiteboard Session: Creating an Excellent Tenant Experience (Video)

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A few weeks ago, my colleague Zach wrote a blog about something we talk about quite a bit around here: how to create excellent tenant engagement and the 3 pillars of tenant experience. Creating a successful tenant experience is different in each office as variables in location, tenant demographics, and amenities will always exist, but it’s crucial for landlords to move away from the idea that they are simply managing space/capital assets to actually creating a unique, personalized user experience for their tenants. 

There are a few key things for landlords to focus on and I had the unique pleasure of grabbing a whiteboard session with Zach and our CEO Chase Garbarino to break down the three pillars of tenant experience. 


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As the foundation of tenant experience begins to exist upon these three pillars, a new playbook is needed in order for landlords to attract and retain the modern, connected tenant who is tech-savvy and focused on a stellar user experience in all aspects of their daily life. The businesses who employ these connected tenants are thriving in this economy and they look to their office space as one major driver for gaining and retaining talent. 




Office buildings that combine great physical space, community management, and mobile technology are the workplaces that tenants will choose for long and strong leases. If you don’t have all of these elements in place, you will get left behind. If you work with HqO…  just bring the space, we’ll bring the rest.






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