The Connected Tenant: How Millennials Are Reshaping Commercial Real Estate


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A data driven deep dive into the effects of a younger, tech-enabled generation soon to be dominating the workforce.


of the workforce will be made up of millenials by 2025


of millennials prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material things


# of times millennials check their phone a day

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On the surface, the key stakeholders from both sides of the tenant experience equation are almost comically different. On one side, you have asset managers and property owners, who have built businesses around and staked their future on physical assets. On the other side are millennials, who have prioritized experiences over owning material things.

Fortunately, where there is challenge, there is opportunity. The CRE professionals who evolve their assets along with the changing population and embrace the idea of the “connected tenant” have a chance to win big in the age of the operator.