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COVID-19 Office Re-entry
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COVID-19 Office Re-entry

The Data and Amenities Defining the New Relationship between Landlords and Tenants

Helping the commercial real estate community get back to work with data insights from the people who matter.

Commercial real estate has the unique opportunity to shape the future of work and understand opinions on the newly remote workforce by turning to our biggest resource: employees themselves. 

In our recent live webinar with CrowdComfort and Openpath, we polled attendees on their personal experiences surrounding the phases of re-entry. In order to execute and sustain a seamless return to work plan, it is critical to understand tenant needs and feelings around reopening. 

Landlords are seeking technology solutions to help sustain a safe and vibrant work environment for employees in the “new normal.” HqO’s operating system consolidates solutions in the key focus areas of communications, safety, logistics, and health. 

In order to assist you, we’ve created this eBook to equip your team with valuable insights from real building occupants, and solutions that will help you navigate these uncertain times.

This eBook includes critical insights from real employees on: 

  • Comfort levels around returning to offices
  • What features tenants need in order to feel more comfortable with reopening
  • How to facilitate safe and frictionless property experiences across four key categories: communications, safety, logistics, and health

Ensure you’re prepared for a smooth back-to-work transition that instills faith and confidence in your team. Download COVID-19 Office Re-entry: The Data and Amenities Defining the New Relationship between Landlords and Tenants now by filling out the form to the right.

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