The State of PropTech: Connected Tenants and Disconnected Landlords


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The results and data analysis of a survey of 300 professionals who work in office buildings in large U.S. metropolitan areas and what they want out of workplace amenities, experiences, and technology.


of tenants are unsatisfied or unaware of the amenities available at their office building


of tenants want fitness & wellness and food & beverage promotions and amenities in their office


of tenants said they would download a mobile app to access the building, amenities, experiences, and community

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“Tenants are accustomed to digital interfaces and the consumerization of products and services, and these expectations are bleeding into the future of work. Businesses, which are in an all out battle for talent, realize that one of the easiest competitive differentiators they can control is their office environment and they are choosing property with tech-enabled amenities, experiences, and community.

Landlords are grappling with this new reality, but the CRE owners that move fast and implement proptech to improve the tenant experience will win.”