The Data Behind the Future of Work Webinar

The insights and trends shaping the modern workplace.

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To keep ahead of the latest trends impacting landlords, property teams, and employers alike, HqO partnered with research firm Verdantix to interview leaders across the commercial real estate space to find out how they’re setting their properties and offices up for success.

Join us to discuss our highly anticipated annual report, The State of Workplace Experience 2022, and learn:

  • What landlords are doing now to create more flexible, engaging properties for tenants
  • What employers are learning from their employees to inform their office plans
  • How landlords and employers can align their strategies with employee demands to ensure the best possible workplace experience
  • How to ensure your workplace strategies remain iterative and engaging to attract and retain tenants and employees in today’s market.

And much, much more! Watch now and receive your copy of The State of Workplace Experience in 2022.