Get the most out of commercial real estate data

Learn how property experience analytics provide the best office insights and inform decision-making.

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Create value through behavioral data that reveals:

Building Data
Who is in your building
People Data
How people use your spaces
Experiences Data
How people experience your offerings

Owners and operators who effectively deploy technology to collect, store, and learn from tenant experience analytics will separate themselves from the pack and accelerate leasing cycles, improve tenant retention, and optimize operational efficiency within their portfolio.

HqO’s analytics offering, the Digital Grid, centralizes key tenant metrics so portfolio managers, asset managers, and property managers can uncover data-driven insights and take action to improve their assets.

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Digital Grid - Spaces

Inform your office investments

With our Spaces dashboards, you can see centralized data on all the suites, floors, and space types in your office building(s), as well as what resources are available to tenants throughout your portfolio. By revealing information on how tenants leverage available amenities like conference rooms or fitness centers, you will be able to see which spaces provide real, tangible value to tenants — helping you to feel confident when investing time and capital into a tenant improvement project.

Tailor your tenant engagement plans

Our People dashboards allow property teams to see the types of tenants in their buildings, the number of tenants using the platform, and how those tenants use your tenant experience platform over time. This information will uncover key insights about tenant interests, thus helping you customize your tenant retention strategies.

Digital Grid - People
Digital Grid - Experiences

Optimize your tenant experience budgets

Our Experiences dashboards centralize and categorize all of the experiences available to tenants within your portfolio, allowing you to see how each of your assets compares to commercial real estate benchmarks. This section also provides a view into which content, events, deals, and retailers are most popular with tenants. Now, you can rest assured that your team is spending money effectively when putting together tenant events and programs.

Measure tenant satisfaction in real-time

Our Tenant Satisfaction Surveys allow you to find out what people want at your buildings in real-time, as well as gather feedback from the broader tenant population. These surveys, and the accompanying Digital Grid dashboard, expand the feedback loop beyond point-of-contacts to gather feedback from all tenants. Find out what amenities your tenants value most, how well you’re delivering on those expectations, and how tenant sentiment is changing over time.

TSAT - tenant satisfaction survey

“Building shuttle usage data helped us determine that our shuttles are running at full capacity and that we might need to consider upscaling. Similarly, tenant engagement data has helped us understand the type of events/services our tenants like the most and plan more throughout the year.”

– Michael Dekrmnjian, Property Manager at Jamestown, Innovation and Design Building

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Discover what your tenants really want and need through our analytics offerings.