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Make smarter investment decisions with data-driven strategies.

Uncover meaningful insights on how tenants or employees are using your spaces and learn their sentiments regarding your workplace experience so you can make better informed investments in amenities and experiences.


Invest With Confidence

The days of relying on assumptions and word of mouth are no more. Invest in optimizing your workplace experience through real behavioral and sentiment data from your tenants or employees.

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“ Building shuttle usage data helped us determine that our shuttles are running at full capacity and that we might need to consider upscaling. Similarly, tenant engagement data has helped us understand the type of event and services our tenants like the most and plan more throughout the year.”

Michael Dekrmnjian
Property Manager, Innovation and Design Building

Uncover Insights Backed by Data

Collect, store, and learn from workplace experience analytics to differentiate your business, improve tenant or employee retention, and optimize operational efficiency.


Who is in Your Building

Discover the different types of tenants and employees in your building. Learn how they use your workplace experience platform over time.


How People Use Your Spaces

Reveal information on how tenants or employees leverage your space’s amenities, from conference rooms to fitness centers.


How People Experience Your Offerings

See how each of your buildings compares to commercial real estate benchmarks, and view which content, events, deals, and retailers are most popular with tenants or employees.


Level of Tenant Satisfaction

Gain real-time satisfaction levels for the entire building population. Learn how everyone who works and plays in your building feels, what amenities are most important to them, how experience teams are doing in delivering those expectations, and how sentiment is changing over time.


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.