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Building Performance • Sustainability

Cultivate a sustainable workplace.

By properly supporting and communicating sustainability initiatives, landlords, workplace experience teams, and employers can play a crucial part in protecting the environment and attract and retain tenants and employees in the modern workforce.


Spotlight Your Sustainability Initiatives

Empower tenants and employees to fully participate in environmentally-friendly policies and events in the workplace. Leverage HqO’s built-in content and events functionality to effectively promote sustainability and green initiatives to your building or office community.

Office sustainability initiatives
Reduce office energy consumption

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce waste and energy consumption by digitally activating your workplace’s features with mobile access, paperless waivers and communication, and more. 

Reduce office energy consumption

Encourage Greener Commutes

Endorse active, healthier commutes that add fewer cars to the roads. Enable tenants and employees to monitor public transportation and utilize electric shuttling and micromobility options. Not only does this positively impact the environment, but it also impacts the wellbeing of your workplace community.

Green commutes
eco-friendly workplace habits

Incentivize Eco-Friendly Habits

Promote eco-friendly deals in your building and the surrounding community.

eco-friendly workplace habits

When I think of Cadillac Fairview and innovation, it’s not just about innovation in the buildings. Sustainability is also at the forefront of that conversation because we tried to make sure that we had a very small carbon footprint from very early on in the process [...] We’ve been engaging clients to help us meet our goal, while at the same time helping them as they become more knowledgeable and aware of their abilities to help our planet and reduce waste, electricity, water usage, and things like that..”

Patrick Nurse
Manager of Tenant Relations

In The Marketplace

We partner with leading green technologies to ensure that workplace experience teams and employers are offering the most sustainable solutions and optimizing their workplace operations.


Boost workplace value and stand out from the competition.