Strengthen your building community

Create an engaging tenant-to-tenant experience with community-focused tools.

Community Solutions

Tenants form communities of colleagues that support, challenge, and energize one another across the entirety of the work day. Thus, offering convenience, camaraderie, and high-quality experiences can only add more value to their workplace. Strengthening your building community will also serve as a key differentiator for your assets and the overall landlord brand.

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Community Forum

Empower tenant communication through HqO’s Community Forum

HqO’s Community Forum product gives tenants and employees the ability to communicate with one another in order to foster a strong sense of community within their building or campus. Serving as a digital bulletin board that promotes positive tenant interactions, the Community Forum allows users to communicate updates about the building itself, share details on local events, or request business services from other tenants. Users can:

  • Create and share building-wide content and receive replies from fellow occupants
  • Contribute to a vibrant building community through tenant-sourced content
  • Establish a communal network amongst your tenants
  • Filter content into building-specific categories
  • Moderate tenant-generated content within HqOS™

“The app has been key to creating successful property experiences and driving community, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. HqO has increased resiliency for us as the landlord and for our tenants, allowing us to effectively communicate and connect with tenants and enabling our [retail] tenants to digitally sustain sales when physical retail was shut down.”

– Michael Phillips, Jamestown President

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