Create a greener, more sustainable workplace

Show your tenants that your office takes an environmentally-conscious approach.

Sustainability Solutions

More and more people are looking for companies that promote sustainability in the workplace. According to a study, younger generations — soon to make up the majority of the modern workforce — prefer companies that “align with their moral values across environmental, social, and governance initiatives.” By properly supporting and communicating sustainability initiatives, landlords and property teams can help save the planet while getting a one-up on their competition. It’s a win-win.

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In-App Sustainability Content

Use your Tenant Experience Platform to promote sustainability initiatives

By leveraging HqO’s built-in content, communication, and events functionality, you can effectively promote sustainability and green initiatives to tenants, as well as organize environmentally-friendly events.

Reduce energy consumption through building automation

By digitally activating your building features — such as implementing mobile access and sensored lighting and heating capabilities — you can provide a modern tenant experience while also reducing energy consumption. This is why the average office building can expect to save 18% of its total building energy use simply by adapting to smart technologies.

Building Automation
Sustainability deals

Partner with local retailers for eco-friendly deals

Using our built-in point-of-sales (POS) technology, as well as our food service and order ahead partners in our Marketplace, you can offer special in-app discounts to tenants and visitors who cut down on plastic utensils and use reusable containers.

Encourage bicycle and microbility commuting

Through integrations that monitor public transportation, as well as offer electric shuttling and microbility options, you will be able to promote active, healthier commutes that are also environmentally-conscious and place less cars on the road.

Sustainable Transportation

Discover how technology can enable sustainability today.