Reduce friction in your tenant’s day-to-day lives

Ease tenant routines by automating office procedures and offering tech-enabled building features.

Workplace Services Solutions
Service Booking

For most of your tenants and employees, the work day extends beyond the walls of your office building. Not only are hybrid work models and flexible work hours the preferred way to work, but people also have places to be, errands to run, and obligations to fulfill throughout the day. These activities are often referred to as “second shift” tasks, and if you can identify the major second shift needs of your tenants and take them off their plate by bringing those services to your building, you can make the workplace that much more desirable.

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Seamless Experiences

Establish seamless experiences throughout the day

HqO’s built-in workplace services can reduce friction for your tenants and their employees. Our offerings include:

  • Service Booking: Create efficiencies in busy schedules by offering on-demand conveniences such as dry cleaning, car detailing, and manicures
  • HqO Services: HqO’s tenant experience team will work with you to identify good fit service partners that can provide valuable “second shift” services for your tenants

Save time by automating your workplace solutions

Our growing Marketplace of best-in-class technology partners can expand your building offerings and make your tenant’s lives easier when it comes to workplace conveniences. We work with a wide range of systems, including:

  • To Do Today
  • Fidensio
Automated Workplace Solutions

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