Solutions for Suburban Commercial Offices

Take a closer look at how HqO's tenant experience operating system helps suburban commercial office buildings.

Premium Tenant Experience for Suburban Commercial Office Assets

Suburban landlords have a moment of opportunity to reimagine their value for tenants. As the market shifts and momentum swings toward suburban assets due to the pandemic, suburban office space is rising in popularity. By investing in HqO’s tenant experience technology and services, suburban commercial office landlords can maximize the value of their increased demand resulting in vacancy reductions, greater leasing activity, and a higher net operating income.

Decision-Making Has Changed for Tenants

Tenants are altering the way they think about where employees are able to work, but most still believe in the value of an office -- and eventually want to safely return their employees to office buildings. In the meantime, tenant companies are exploring new, creative office space models that give employees that ability to choose where and when they work, such as hub-and-spoke, or work-near-home models which are uniquely served by suburban properties.

Capture Demand for Safe Office Space

Suburban office owners are in a unique position to capture the increased demand for office space where employees feel safe. There are several hindrances to returning to inner-city office spaces right now, including a general fear of public transportation, dense office spaces, and general city congestion. But after being cooped up for months on-end, people are looking for alternative and more flexible ways and places to work. This underscores the desires of commercial tenants to have more flexibility in their leases, and that co-working and flexible office space -- which suburban markets are more able to accommodate -- will only become more popular.

You Need to Stand Out

Being located in the suburbs is not enough of a differentiator on its own. In order to meet the needs of COVID-era prospective tenants, you must have a polished reopening strategy, enabled through technology, that is nimble enough to keep up with tenant needs when they return. Signing and retaining urban tenants will require an in-office experience that matches or exceeds those provided by office owners in central business districts, which also means landlords will need to evolve their thinking. Long-term loyalty of customers will be won by providing a great experience to each individual that uses a property, not a lengthy contract.

Helping Suburban Office Assets Thrive

HqO’s integrated suite of technologies activates suburban commercial assets and allows them to  turn properties into data-driven smart buildings. Through our mobile app, landlords can interact directly with tenants and provide them amenities, tech-enabled solutions, and services -- all while ensuring safety protocols. By utilizing these offerings, you’ll lease vacant spaces faster, retain tenants longer, and have the critical information you need to determine how to transform your suburban office space into the safe and flexible work environment occupants crave. Investing in tenant experience for your suburban assets is investing in your customers and your own success.

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