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HqO is known for industry-leading technology and a focus on creating business value for customers and end users alike. One integrated TeX platform empowers your entire CRE team with tools to grow your business. Our solutions help to:

Increase Tenant Retention

From delivering the features and amenities that enhance the tenant experience, to successfully launching your building app, to collecting real-time insights on tenant satisfaction (TSAT) — HqO tenant experience software is designed to develop a dedicated user base among your occupants and help you laser focus on their needs with long-term retention in mind.

Create a Leasing Differentiator

Sometimes brochures and renderings fail to highlight a building’s unique design, retail, amenities, and overall experience. HqO’s tenant experience app offers virtual tours that let people experience how a building will look and operate even before it’s delivered — arming teams with a secret weapon in the leasing and pre-leasing process.

Provide Data to Drive Asset Strategy

Commercial real estate firms need a strong data strategy to align future investments and effectively serve ever-changing customer experience needs. With HqO, you can own your relationship with tenants by deeply understanding their most important needs and use those insights to improve your asset strategy to focus on the amenities and experiences that matter most.

Elevate Portfolio and Asset Branding

A white-labeled building app empowers commercial real estate marketing teams with powerful branding opportunities. Only HqO allows you to create a unique, branded tenant experience for a specific asset or your entire branded portfolio. The HqO tenant engagement app lets landlords own the customer experience from end to end.

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