Love Where You Work: The District Burlington by National Development

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Next up in the #LoveWhereYouWork series: The District in Burlington, MA by National Development. We’re very excited to be working with National Development to ensure that their tenants have the best possible workplace experience and are able to interface with the property, amenities, and experiences through our mobile app. 


One day this week, our team was onsite, handing out a special, surprise perk for tenants: free donuts from Union Square Donuts. It was a great day treating tenants and learning more about the types of amenities and experiences that make them happy at work, so we decided to take a little tour of the campus. Check out this quick video to get a sense of how great of a workplace The District truly is…


We talk a lot about how landlords can provide a better workplace experience that caters to the Connected Tenant – the worker who is community-driven, obsessed with amenities, and tech-enabled, among other traits. For landlords with office space in the suburbs, understanding this workplace demographic is even more important to help companies compete for talent alongside businesses with office space in the urban core. National Development definitely understands what this means for their tenants and has provided accordingly…



If you don’t have time to watch the video above, you can run through a quick photo tour, starting with a full understanding of the size of this campus. Right next to 95/128 corridor, and behind the Burlington Mall, this complex spans 1.2M square feet with several office buildings, one hotel, seven restaurants, and much more. 




The campus itself is quite beautiful with loads of green space, trees, and common areas for relaxing during lunch, or working in a new spot for a few hours. 




Green space for days… you can’t go wrong finding a spot to enjoy the weather on a nice day. 




Did I mention there’s a roof deck? 




And a gym? 



And so many restaurants…



Touring The District proves one thing: for landlords that are obsessed with curating a premium tenant experience, it doesn’t matter if the office space is right downtown or 20 miles outside of the city. It’s increasingly important to listen, understand, and provide your tenants with the types of workplace experiences that will keep employees happy and attract the best talent in such a tough market for recruiting and HR teams. 


It’s clear that The District is proactive and uber-focused on the tenant experience, prioritizing the workplace trends and technology that will keep engagement high and happiness even higher. 


Curious if HqO would be a good fit for your office? Want to improve your amenity and experience offering for tenants? Let’s have a chat. 



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