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The digital transformation of real estate is here

HqO's Real Estate Experience (REX) Platform converges data, technology, and the customer through the only end-to-end experience solution transforming real estate to drive tenant and employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

HqO's REX Platform


HqO's REX Platform the single source of truth for end-user experiences of a property

HqO is connecting real estate to the people with an asset-agnostic, cross-property suite of powerful applications and services that foster best-in-class, dynamic end-user experiences. HqOs REX Platform assesses the health and performance of a customer's experience within a physical space, while providing the necessary tools for operators to manage and optimize it, all from one central location.

Experience management system centralizing a propertys full range of capabilities for users through a single workflow.

HqO Experience Manager

Industry standard for measuring and assessing the health and performance of people's experience within a property.

HqO Intelligence Dashboard

Exclusive directory of the most impactful and desired services & amenity partners.

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Introducing the Real Estate Experience Platform
Introducing the HqO REX Platform

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