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Agreements & Practices

Here youll find answers to your questions about the agreement terms, policies, intellectual property, corporate governance, and compliance of the company. This information is key for you to understand the background of our products, services, and offerings to facilitate the review of the agreements and policies below.

Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are excited that you want to take your relationship with HqO further and learn more about HqO and our industry-leading products and services. To allow us to share more information with you, we request that you read and sign the Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Master Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to review the Master Terms and Conditions. These form the basis to all the common terms and conditions between our Customer and HqO. These Master Terms and Conditions apply to you and are legally binding if using any HqO Service or Product (HqO Customer); or signing an Order Form; or are a party to a document where these Master Terms and Conditions are referenced. These Master Terms and Conditions describe the protections and commitments that HqO offers all its HqO Customers as part of entering into an agreement with HqO for its Services and Products. The Master Terms and Conditions follow a simple and user-friendly structure by incorporating the following agreements by reference:

Why use our Master terms and Conditions?

Our MT&C was carefully drafted to accommodate and describe the unique features of our Services and Products, including definitions and descriptions, security measures, our SLA, use of Customer Data. This is also drafted to make it industry specific to meet the needs of our Commercial Real Estate Customers. We regularly review our MT&C and have created a fair and balanced agreement based on customer feedback and industry accepted positions.

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Terms & Conditions of Use and End User License Agreement

This document creates the bond between HqO and the End User of our Software, App, and website.

  • What end users can and cant do and the services HqO agrees to offer the end user and how HqO expects them to behave in return.
  • We are required to have all HqO Customers agree to this Agreement as it establishes the restrictions on how end-users make use of our software, App and website including related to SPAM, pornography and phishing.

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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is provided by HqO and has been created to provide information about how we collect and process information through the HqO website, mobile applications, and services provided by us, as well as from our business customers who use our business services.

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Service-Level Agreement

Our SLA is first-in-class in our industry, providing for 99.9% availability across all our Services. We provide remedies in the unlikely event that we miss this availability, as well as a termination right for chronic outages. The SLA also addresses any support issues that arise, and how to contact us in an emergency. We cannot modify this SLA on a customer-by-customer basis, as we would not be able to scale our operations without uniformity across our entire customer base.

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Data Security Policy

HqOs business is built on trust and we take our responsibility towards our customers data very seriously. You will find that we provide state-of-the-art data privacy-related certifications and a robust list of internal policies we maintain to ensure a secure environment for our Customers Data.

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Data Processing Addendum

The HqO DPA is specific to HqO Services and covers our processes in relation to these. For example, the DPA covers our processes around privacy-related notifications, audits, certifications, security measures, and sub-processing activities, all of which are aligned to the way in which HqOs services and its infrastructure work. The HqO DPA is also drafted to seamlessly interoperate with other relevant HqO documentation.

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Beta Testing Agreement

This Beta Participant Agreement is executed between you and HqO and outlines your obligations by participating in the Beta Program. Included in these terms is your agreement to:

  • Actively use and evaluate the product or service being tested;
  • Provide the types of feedback requested and respond to questions;
  • Give HqO all rights to use any feedback you submit;
  • Not disclose that you are participating in the Beta Program;
  • Not show the materials to others;
  • Not share copies, pictures, or videos of any materials you receive in any form (including social media);
  • Return any materials or hardware if requested.

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