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HqO & Envoy: App Integration

Modules Currently Supported
  • Visitor Registration
Phase I: Kickstart Integration​

The Property Management team will reach out to their Envoy CSM and/or Account Executive (cc [email protected] and HqO CSM on this email) with the following information:

Message: Please initiate the integration between HqO & Envoy for [Building Name & Address].

Phase II: Account Setup

Step One: Property Management team to log into Envoy account.

step-one (1)

Step Two: Property Manager select ‘Integrations’ from the Envoy dashboard on the left side toolbar.

step-two (1)
Step Three: Property Manager to scroll to the bottom of the integrations page and click configure on the HqO tile.
step-three (1)

Step Four: Property Management will authorize the plugin.

step-four (1)
Step Five: Enter your building UUID (this should have been emailed to you alongside these instructions) and click ‘Complete Setup.’

Note: If you need your building UUID reach out to [email protected] to get the ID.

Step Six: The Property Management team will add [email protected] (implementation manager) to their Envoy instance as an employee.

To add an employee, Select employee directory > Add employee > Create new – Email: [email protected] Name: Liz Thomson > Save.

step-six (1)
Phase III: Testing

Step One: HqO will configure the integration and begin to user test the modules that are being integrated through Envoy & HqO. Once testing is complete, HqO will follow up with user account information & test cases for the Property Management team to clear out of their Envoy backend.

Step Two: Property Management team to confirm user flow & set up is correct. If requested, HqO can demo the integration with the Property Management team.

Phase IV: Granting Access & Go Live

Once the testing is confirmed completed, the Property Management team grants building tenant contacts access to Envoy. Follow the below steps:

Step One: In Envoy, go to employee directory, select “Import Employees” and click “Select CSV file”.

Step Two: Upload a CSV with 3 columns: Tenant Contact Full Name, Tenant Contact Email: [email protected]Tenant Contact Phone Number: (555) 555-5555.

phase-iv (1)

Step Three: Property Management will decide if they want HqO to permission the Visitor Registration tile in the app. If yes, Property Management will send the same CSV to HqO to grant access to the Visitor Registration tile in the app.

Decision Notes:

  • If we choose to allow everyone to see the visitor registration tile, they will receive an error message if they do not also have access to Envoy.
  • If HqO adds permissions to the Visitor Registration tile, the Property Manager will need to alert HqO when a new tenant contact is added to Envoy so that they can see the Visitor Registration tile