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Deliver industry-leading experiences with Marketplace

HqO Marketplace

A curated directory of world-class, real estate experiences

Marketplace provides you with access to a growing catalog of the most impactful and desired services, products, and amenity partners to optimize the experiences of their space end-users.

Plug and play solutions
Vetted proptech partners

Get solutions that work

The modern and streamlined interface makes it easy to browse and select the best-in-class solutions and services that meet your needs. Whether youre looking for engaging content and events support or building automation technology, you'll receive white-glove consultation from technology experts who can enhance your property or office.

Why choose HqOs Marketplace?

  • Wide Variety: Find everything you need, from engaging amenities and events to cutting-edge, innovative services.
  • Best-in-Class Solutions: Our curated selection features only the top players in the industry, ensuring you receive high-quality services and products.
  • Easy Vendor Management: Browse, select, and manage countless amenity and service partners directly within the HqO Platform. No more juggling multiple vendors and logins.
  • Data-Driven Guidance: Marketplace allows property teams, HR, and workplace experience leaders to create elite real estate experiences that respond to their Real Estate Experience (REX) Assessment results, in turn helping them increase their spaces REX Score.
HqO Marketplace

Boost your tenant experience with:

peace of mind

Engaging content and events

Foster a vibrant community with curated workshops, fitness classes, and other exciting activities.


Enhanced amenities

Offer convenient services like on-site laundry, dry cleaning, or even pet care.


Building automation

Optimize space utilization and energy efficiency with smart technology solutions.


And much more

Discover a wide range of additional categories to create a truly unique and engaging experience.

Ready to take your real estate experience to the next level?


Deliver your industry-leading solutions to 20k+ organizations

HqOs Marketplace, a curated directory of world-class workplace experiences and amenities, provides all HqO customers with direct access to the most impactful and desired services, products, and amenity partners.

Why join the HqO Marketplace?

  • Increased Reach: Automatically expand your marketing reach to over 70+ landlords and 700+ buildings across the globe.
  • Direct Exposure: Position your products and services as the best-in-class solutions to workplace professionals across 20k+ companies.
  • Targeted Promotion: Market your products and services to customers with needs that you can fill.

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