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Take the 'work' out of going to work.

Provide engaging experiences that help employees do their best work and build stronger connections with your organization - all while optimizing your workplace investments.

One App, Endless Possibilities

Give your employees a "remote control" to access both physical and digital resources. Each visit to the app is an opportunity for them to manage their workplace experience and discover other resources they can benefit from. Employees will be more efficient and productive, thanks to integration options with your back-end systems. You'll work smarter too, by managing the entire experience through a single administration console and accessing meaningful workplace analytics through HqO's Workplace Experience App.

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Help Every Employee Stay Productive

The HqO Workplace Experience App helps employees make the best use of their time and get work done. It provides easy access to all of the on-site and digital resources employees need to do their job - whether they're in the office or working remotely. Your employees can plan their day by taking advantage of capacity level insights, workplace commuting options, and desk, conference room, and parking space reservations. Additionally, they can order food and book on-site services such as dry cleaning and manicures, allowing them to simplify their day and access outside conveniences directly from the workplace.

Engage and Retain Talent

Create a sense of belonging and community by providing a workplace employees want to be a part of. Invest in a truly frictionless experience that mirrors the consumer apps they use in their personal lives  - with online desk and conference room reservations, visitor registration, and mobile access - all from a single app in the palm of their hand. Additionally, enhance employees' mental and physical wellbeing by letting employees book local wellness services, like massage treatments or fitness classes, so they can be more mindful at work.

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Optimize Workplace Investments

Make the most of your investments by understanding tools and service utilization as well as employee sentiment. Use HqO Data & Analytics to determine the building amenities and perks that employees value most, and to identify which ones have the lowest engagement. Monitor desk and conference room reservations and mobile access data so you can understand patterns and optimize your office resources and overall footprint.

Engage Your Employees

With the HqO Workplace Experience App, you can deliver personalized content and programming to your employees. Choose the capabilities that best meet your needs.

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Employees can conveniently create service requests or ask for help for other workplace-related questions. Plus, they can get relevant status updates.

Workplace experience managers save time by integrating work orders and issue requests into existing systems and processes.

Examples of in-app services: transportation tracking, food ordering notifications, and yoga class booking


Help employees by enabling easy reservations for fitness classes and wellness treatments, pre-ordering food and beverages, and by optimizing the commuter experience.

Workplace experience managers have access to real-time usage and employee sentiment data to learn how and when all services are being used. They can either improve, stop, or expand them.

Office resource booking


Help employees by taking the friction out of making reservations for desks, conference rooms, and parking spots.

As a workplace experience manager, easily manage your space and understand how employees are utilizing resources.

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Employees can build a better connection with their employer and colleagues to instill a sense of belonging.

As a workplace experience manager, reach employees with relevant content and event promotion through audience targeting. Learn which initiatives get the most employee engagement. 

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Employees get the opportunity to voice their opinion about the quality and importance of all workplace tools and services through convenient ongoing surveys.

Workplace experience managers get a better pulse on employee satisfaction so they can make better-informed investment decisions.

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Create a friendly but secure welcome for employees and their guests through contactless building entry and no-wait visitor management.

By capturing every swipe, workplace experience managers learn how and when employees and guests are using the workplace. 

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"Before, we would use something separate for accounting, our reservations, our work orders, and so on. Now, we see [the HqO platform] bring either one or all of those services together."

Adam Gibbs
Property Manager

End-to-End Workplace Solutions

Learn more about the deep capabilities of the HqO Workplace Experience Platform:

  • Communication
  • Room & Desk Booking
  • Work Orders
  • Access Control & Visitor Management
  • Events & Programming
  • Food Ordering & Retail
  • Workplace Services
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