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Real estate experience tools and features

HqO's XM is packed with features to connect tenants and employees to your real estate. Easily manage all these featuresand the collected data from a single admin console

Access & Security

Offer easy transportation options, parking reservations, and a seamless way to enter the building. Get rid of physical key cards and empower tenants and employees through modern access and visitor management solutions.

Access control & visitor management

Ensure that your building or office entry is modern and effortless for tenants, employees, and their guests.

Transportation & parking

Connect workers with their preferred public transportation, micromobility, shuttle, and parking solutions.

Space & Maintenance

Automate workflows for common requests like work orders, space reservations, resource booking, and more. Tenants and employees can easily enter and track requests within the XM app. We'll help you avoid unnecessary phone calls and emails so you can spend more time on activities that create true value in the workplace.

Room & desk booking

Take the friction out of space reservations and manage and optimize your resources in a simple, frictionless way.

Work orders

Empower authorized tenant employees or company employees to submit and track work orders right from the XM app.

Floor plans

Enable tenants and employees to book and navigate to resources on a convenient and time-saving floor plan view.


Transform your real estate from a place to work into a destination where people want to be and can do their best work by increasing tenant and employee engagement.

Food ordering & retail

Activate your entire building or office community with industry-leading order ahead, delivery, and convenience services.

Events & programming

Delight your tenants and employees with events that they want, and keep them coming back for more.


Easily allow tenants and employees to access gym waivers, schedules, obtain discounted health and wellness perks, and more

Communication & content

Create and maintain connections with every member of your building or company community.

Workplace services

Enhance the real estate experience by offering unique services that make your tenants' and employees' lives easier.

Speak to an expert

Evaluate your real estate experience with one of our experts, and get access to data and insights that can help you elevate it!