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The single source of truth for end-user experiences of a property

HqOs REX Platform assesses the health and performance of a customer's experience within a physical space, while providing the necessary tools for operators to manage and optimize it, all from one central location.

Introducing the Real Estate Experience Platform
Introducing the HqO REX Platform

What is Real Estate Experience?

There has been a fundamental evolution in the real estate experience economy as space has moved from a commodity to a service and now to an experience. Real Estate Experience (REX), a new real estate category created by HqO, is at the heart of this movement, putting the customer and their experiences of space at the center of the market transformation.

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Through a suite of powerful applications and services, HqO's REX Platform is proven to boost tenant and employee retention while increasing net operating income and driving efficiencies in operating costs

HqO Experience Manager

HqOs successful real estate experience product suite, now called XM, is the only asset-agnostic, cross-property type experience management system, enabling operators and occupiers to:

  • Deliver excellent and consistent end-user experiences across their properties
  • Boost tenant and employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction
  • Maximize tenant and employee retention and acquisition
  • Drive ROI

From a single admin console, you can manage the experiences of all property end-users and their corresponding workflows, delivering seamless, integrated digital property experiences.

HqO Intelligence

Intelligence is the industry standard for measuring and assessing the health and performance of a customers experience within a property.

Intelligence leverages the proven methodology established by Leesman, an HqO company and the industrys most trusted workplace experience data source and benchmarking framework. With insights from 1.7+ million employees and 8,000+ workplaces, Intelligence provides leading sentiment and engagement analytics across the activities and features that matter most to end-users of space.

A suite of revolutionary products, Intelligence delivers unparalleled analytics on workplace sentiment, trends, expectations gaps, and competitive insights that arm the world's most innovative and forward-thinking organizations.

HqO Marketplace

HqOs Marketplace is designed exclusively for HqOs customers, both operators and occupiers alike. An ecosystem built to help deliver optimal experiences for end-users of real estate, Marketplace provides access to and integration with a growing directory of the most impactful and desired services and amenity partners.

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