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Access & Security Transportation and Parking

Delight people from driveway to desk.

To delight tenants and employees when they travel to and from the office, alleviate commute-related frustrations with technology-enabled solutions.

Meet People Where They Are

It's more important than ever for hybrid workers to understand the full breadth of commuting options available to them. Connect workers with their preferred public transportation, micromobility, shuttle, and parking solutions.

Workplace transportation solutions

Address Commuter Pain Points

HqO partners with providers and technology partners that cover every mode of transportation, supporting tenants and employees as they travel to and from the office.

Public transit tracking


Provide real-time data on the status of local bike shares, electric scooters, and other shared mobility options.


Connect tenants and employees to on-site valet, available parking spaces, and even allow them to reserve and/or pay for parking spots and memberships.


Allow tenants and employees to track your property's shuttle location and see schedule updates in real-time.

Public Transit

Aggregate public transit data so tenants and employees can easily plan for their commute, whether by ferry, subway, or train.

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"HqO empowers landlords and owners to create really customized, really engaging tenant experiences through data and technology. Our partnership ensures that tenants have the information they need to make informed decisions about their commute to and from the property. Together, we've been able to help landlords and owners extend the ability to delight and engage their tenants beyond the four walls of the office."

Alicia Karr
Vice President of Product Marketing

In The Marketplace

To stay ahead of shifting transportation trends, partner with leading technology providers to help address commuter pain points and offer solutions for every mode of travel.

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The award-winning The District property team

The BOMA award-winning team of The District in Burlington, MA

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