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Space & Maintenance Resource Booking for Landlords

Activate your workplace's amenities and spaces.

Your tenants need easy access to your building's amenities and resources. HqO takes the friction out of space reservations and enables you to capture more revenue from these spaces.

Streamline Reservations

Our in-app resource booking modules help tenants to easily book shared spaces such as conference rooms, individual desks, fitness equipment, freight elevators, and loading docks. Enable tenants to quickly find and reserve available resources for specific dates and times along with value-added services and catering.

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Capture Revenue

Charge fees for space and services to maximize value and reduce manual billing. Tenants can request and pay for offerings right from the HqO app through supported forms of payment, credits and memberships, and permission-based booking.

screenshot of checkout for booking a flex desk

Easy to Manage

Configure the date, time, resource-specific questions, and duration of booking windows based on the available spaces in your building. Avoid unnecessary emails and phone calls by empowering tenants to directly book slots and by enabling your team to approve requests directly in HqO's administration interface.

Backend resource booking options in the HqO Workplace Experience Platform
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When you need to go beyond space reservations, we've got you covered. Streamline meeting room processes and charge for rooms based on type, time, and length of booking. All bookings are contactless through the HqO Workplace Experience App.

Flex space booking

Make Better Decisions

Use HqO Data & Analytics to understand how individual tenants are utilizing resources and make better investment decisions.

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"We leverage our app for more than managing the visitors [...] You can go on there, see building updates, schedule appointments, check cleaning schedules, view when locker rooms are open - everything. That level of communication and transparency with our customers is a key driver of the work we do."

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Tenant Engagement Manager

In The Marketplace

We partner with your existing technology systems to transform your property into a seamless, well-oiled machine.

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