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Office App by HqO

Take the ‘work’ out of going to work.

Provide engaging workplace experiences that help employees do their best work each day and build stronger connections with your organization — all while optimizing your workplace investments.

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Important update from Office App

Office App is now part of HqO! As part of the world’s leading workplace experience platform, we will continue to build solutions that enable employees to do their best work and form stronger connections with their organization.

Use HqO to create the ultimate workplace experience

Allow your employees to fully engage with their workplace through a single app. Additionally, workplace experience managers, corporate facilities managers, and HR teams can manage their experience through a consolidated administrative console.


Attract & Retain Talent

The HqO app helps you build a workplace where employees thrive. Create a culture they want to be a part of so you can hire and retain top talent.

Employee productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

We let employees make the best use of their time and get more work done, whether they spend all or some of their time working in the office. 

Optimize office spend

Optimize Workplace ROI

Make better-informed decisions based on analytics dashboards that indicate employee behavior, feedback, and other building data.

“I appreciate the creativity of the various events and giveaways [through the app]. Clearly, a lot of thought, time, and effort are involved, and I think it makes a real and positive impact for our experience as building tenants.”

App User
Capital Center in Indianapolis, IN

Learn why 57% of the Fortune 100 and thousands of other companies rely on HqO to power their workplace experience.

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