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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Estate Experience (REX)?

REX, which stands for real estate experience, is a methodology to generate strong investor returns at your properties by aligning with your tenants needs to deliver exceptional experiences. Providing tailored amenity and service experiences through an iterative feedback process that drives leasing, smart capital expenditures, optimized operating expenses, tenant retention, and ultimately NOI.

What is Intelligence?

Intelligence is the industry standard for measuring and assessing the health and performance of an end-users experience within a property, which directly correlates to tenant and employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. This suite of products includes:

  • REX Assessment - the industry-leading survey measuring end-user experience within a property or space, powered by Leesman, the leading occupier survey and benchmark company.
  • REX Score - the simple 0-100 score generated for each tenant space at a property which rolls up into one overall property REX Score.
  • REX Index - the worlds first and only benchmark of employee workplace experience based on data from:
    • 1.8M+ employees
    • 8k+ workplaces
    • 280M+ data points

What is the value to real estate operators and investors?

The way occupiers make decisions about their workplaces has dramatically changed. Having a physical workplace is no longer a cost of doing business, occupiers now need to justify the ROI of having it.

By deploying Intelligence, occupiers get actionable insights into what is important to their employees, enabling them to:

  • Improve employee engagement and productivity
  • Increase employee retention
  • Quantify workplace ROI
  • Drive favorable leasing negotiations

For example:

  • A Fortune 100 bank used Intelligence to choose which leases to renew and expand and which to expire/break based on the REX Scores of their properties.
  • A top tech company in the US uses Intelligence to choose new properties and design the workplace experience journey for each.

What is the value of Intelligence to real estate operators?

By deploying Intelligence, operators get actionable insights into what is important to tenant employees when evaluating space, enabling your team to:

  • Drive leasing velocity
  • Optimize CapEx and OpEx
  • Drive tenant retention
  • Increase NOI
  • Target marketing more effectively to generate property demand
  • Tailor leasing pitches that will touch on applicable employee and workplace issues
  • Provide investors with quantifiable proof of demand and value for capital expenditures

For Example:

  • Top five global asset managers justified rental rates at their leased properties based on their REX Scores.
  • A top European bank tied the bonuses of their real estate and workplace teams to their REX Scores.

How long does the assessment take and what does it ask?

The assessment takes on average 9 minutes depending on the users answers, and asks questions in three categories:

  • What cultural aspects of the workplace are important to a user and how well supported are they on each?
  • What activities are important to a user and how well supported are they on each?
  • What physical and service features are important to use and how well supported are they on each?

How do I deploy Intelligence?

The assessment can be deployed through various channels (email, text, QR codes) via a link. Customers often promote the assessment in the lobby or common areas with an incentive to complete it. For a more enterprise engagement, you can work with the HqO Services team to develop a custom launch strategy for each tenant or specific tenants.

After purchasing the Assess package for your building, which can be purchased here, you will be contacted by an HqO service specialist to coordinate the deployment of the assessment at your property.

What do I get after I deploy Intelligence?

Once the assessment is complete, results and insights into your end-users' workstyles, preferences, and satisfaction will be accessible through the Intelligence dashboard, as will the spaces REX Score.

What is HqOs Best Spaces to Work program?

Best Spaces to Work is the only global recognition and certification program that scores and validates end-user real estate experiences in spaces across the world. Once certified, the certified Best Spaces to Work will be promoted across HqO and media partner channels reaching over 500K+ CRE professionals and receive their Property Page highlighting their REX Score and experience data.

The Product Suite

The Assess Package ~ $5,000

REX Assessment

The industry-leading survey to measure a person's experience within a property. It requires 10 minutes to complete.

REX Score

Generated through data from HqO's REX Assessment, the simple 0-100 score is the quality measure of end-user experience within a physical space.

REX Index

The REX Index (REXi) is the world's first and only benchmark of employee workplace experience, against which REX scores are measured and compared.

Certify Package ~ Additional $5,000

Spaces that have a REX score meeting or exceeding the REX Index benchmark can be certified as an HqO Best Space to work.

Think you've got the best space?