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The Best Employee Engagement Platforms

As the return to office push accelerates across the United States and Europe, many employers are wondering how they can keep their employees engaged with the workplace. The Harvard Business Review (HBR) even suggests that companies need to rethink their approach to employee experience (click to view other relevant HBR employee experience research). Thats why a growing number of companies are now using employee engagement platforms, which improve the workplace experience by introducing innovative software to the workplace.

The best employee engagement platforms are an attractive option to top employee engagement companies because they allow those companies to keep their workers active and productive in their workplace environments. Employee engagement platforms also boost employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating distractions and providing useful tools (like mobile room booking and cardless mobile access) that make it easier for workers to do their jobs.

In todays world, employers know that they need to do more to improve their employee and workplace experience. Thats one of the reasons why salesforce employee engagement software and other premium platforms are seeing such success. Leading companies have started to understand that employee experience management software helps them achieve their long term business goals.

But, because employee engagement platforms are new to many people, some workplace decision-makers might not have a clear understanding of how the technology operates. Thats why, in this piece, well take a look at some of the best employee engagement platforms. Well also talk about how and why those platforms achieve their success.

Employee Experience 2022

In 2022, more and more companies are taking innovative steps to improve their employee experience. As a result, employee experience apps are more popular than ever.

Employee experience apps are similar to employee engagement platforms because both technologies are meant to improve the employee experience. But not all employee experience software is created equal. Some may include (for example) an employee engagement platform without including an employee experience app, which employees download directly to their smartphones. Thats why some platforms (like employee experience cloud salesforce) may not be the ideal fit for certain organizations.

Regardless of your companys employee experience model, your organization stands to benefit from employee experience 2022 technology. But its important to select technology that meets your organizations needs. Follow along below to learn the basic ins and outs of employee engagement platforms and employee experience apps. You can also visit employee experience Gartner magic quadrant for more information.

HqO Platform overview
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Employee Experience Platforms

Employee experience platforms are everywhere. But, if youre a workplace decision-maker, you might be wondering: whats the best employee experience platform?

Its a complicated question to answer, in part because of the sheer number of employee experience platforms that are now on the market. These include: google employee experience platform; employee experience platforms Microsoft (called Microsoft viva Microsoft Viva topics and information on Microsoft Viva email are covered elsewhere on the web), and employee experience platform salesforce, among others.

That might sound like a lot, but these are just a few employee experience platforms examples. Its possible to turn up many more through research services (like employee experience platform gartner or employee experience platforms Gartner, for example). In the following section, well examine one popular platform.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is one of the more popular employee experience management software. As a Microsoft product, it integrates well with other Microsoft products like Teams, Office, and Microsoft Viva Outlook. These Microsoft Viva connections make it easy for companies that already use Microsoft products to understand how to access Microsoft Viva. It also makes Microsoft Viva download and Microsoft Viva learning relatively straightforward for these kinds of companies. You can visit the Microsoft Viva wiki for more information.

But the platform has its limitations. Some, for example, have expressed concern about Microsoft Viva spying (the platform allows companies to monitor employee activity) as well as Microsoft Viva pricing. According to The Verge, the platform also works best for remote work, rather than hybrid work. This could be a problem for some companies, particularly as hybrid work becomes the norm in the United States (this according to HqOs State of Workplace Experience report, which finds that 86% of todays top companies will soon adopt a hybrid work model).

Unlike other available technology, HqOs workplace experience platform and app is designed to enable hybrid work success. This means that its suited for the needs of the present moment, when the prevalence of hybrid work models are on the rise. To learn more about HqOs streamlined technology, consider downloading our Introduction to Workplace Experience guide.


Platforms like Microsoft Viva address something that workplace decision makers now refer to as digital employee experience. Other platforms (like HqOs) address another category of employee experience, referred to as workplace experience.

But what is digital employee experience? And how does it differ from employee or workplace experience? These terms can seem complicated, but thankfully for many HR and workplace experience leaders their definitions are actually pretty straightforward.

A digital employee experience platform, for example, is a technology platform that serves digital employees (digital employee meaning an employee who works completely remote, without any substantial time in office). At the beginning of the pandemic, digital employee experience examples were relatively easy to find, though many remote work companies are now transitioning back to hybrid or fully in-person work models. For more information, consider browsing digital employee experience research Gartner. You could also view a digital employee experience job description on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn.

In contrast to digital employee experience platforms, a workplace experience platform (like HqOs mainly addresses the needs of hybrid and fully in-person employees by offering practical tools to improve the workplace environment. Like digital employee experience platforms, workplace experience technology also provides employers with a detailed employee data platform that they can use to make smarter business decisions. It also offers features like cardless mobile access and remote room booking that make it easier for hybrid workers to do their jobs.

HqO offers a best-in-class workplace experience technology solution that helps companies attract and retain top talent, while also boosting employee productivity. By offering unique and custom-made events, HqO brings employees closer together to form more meaningful workplace connections that enhance collaboration and improve employee engagement. By offering other practical tools (like easier access to service requests and shared office spaces), HqO also makes it easier for employees to do their jobs. Thats why HqO is used by 57% of the Fortune 500.

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