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Strengthen your workplace community.

To add value to the workplace, you need to offer convenient and high-quality community-building experiences. Strengthening this community will serve as a key differentiator for your workplace experience and landlord or employer brand.

Bring People Together

Allow your workplace experience team to communicate updates about their building and share details on local events through an easy-to-use mobile platform.

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"Tenants appreciate our understanding of community and its value to their businesses. Our digital integrations have allowed tenants to remain connected to their building communities and their neighborhoods while working remotely. They also have helped ease the transition back to the office."

David Himmel
Managing Director and COO



Create and share building-wide content that builds connections.



Create in-person and online events that bring the community together.



Highlight local merchants, restaurants, and organizations. You can even run events that give back to the local community.

The award-winning The District property team

The BOMA award-winning team of The District in Burlington, MA

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